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FramboesaFramboesa12 years ago
Welcome to N.G.E. Fan Club !!

The group for all the fans of N.G.E.'s figures and characters!

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Hi everyone!

I'm currently selling my special edition bundle of EVA 01 and Eva 06 for 125 AND my Revoltech EVA 13 for 65. PM me if you are interested!
6 months ago
Viva Evangelion !!!! Larga vida a Hideaki Anno !!!! :D
11 months ago
Can someone invite me to this club? Would be glad to join it.
3 years ago
Hello everyone

Need please times your help to Asuka Langley Mermaid Version 2 & 3 , also of Rei Ayanami Mermaid Version 2 . 3
If someone had pictures of the person you together so that you can better see the differences.
The database in confusing me totally .
That would be very nice.
Thanks for your help .
5 years ago
Selling a red Asuka mini fridge. PM for details.
5 years ago
Hi, does anyone know where i can get item #2561 or #17497 ? Or is anyone selling ?
5 years ago
Posted a review of a lovely classic Asuka figure: BLOG #19246
6 years ago
niisan Nii-san Ultimate
Neon Genesis Evangelion is the only good anime
6 years ago
I'm watching this series again in anticipation of 3.33 and I totally forgot how epic it is!!
6 years ago
Hello, thx for accepting me! :)
6 years ago