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A club devoted to the works of illustrator, manga-ka, character designer and cat-loving, gunpla-building, motorcycle-riding extraordinaire Mine Yoshizaki. Born on December 2nd, 1971 in Nagasaki Japan, Yoshizaki began his career as a doujinshi-artist working on titles based off of fighting games in the late 80's and early 90's. His most notable doujinshi include the Mine series, Bit Fighter, and Street Fighter works. In 1989, Yoshizaki was honored with receiving first place in Shogakugan's Newcomer Comic Awards and continued to work on both doujin and official manga into the late 90's. His magnus opus, Keroro Gunsou (Sgt. Frog), was launched in Shonen Ace in November 1999 and became phenomenally popular soon thereafter, birthing an anime, merchandise, film, and video game powerhouse franchise that continues today.

AnimeHideArcade Gamer Fubuki (OVA) (Original Creator)
Chibi Kero (Movie) (Original Creator)
Keroro Gunsou Movie 1 The Super Movie (Movie) (Original Manga)
Keroro Gunsou Movie 2 Deep Sea Princess (Movie) (Original Creator)
Keroro Gunsou Movie 3 Keroro vs. Keroro (Movie) (Original Creator)
Keroro Gunsou Movie 4 Dragon Warriors (Movie) (Original Creator)
Keroro Gunsou Movie 5 Miracle of Space-Time Island (Movie) (Original Creator)
Seven of Seven (TV) (Original Character Design, ED Animation, Illustration)
Keroro Gunsou (TV) (Original Manga)
Uta~Kata (ED Illustration Ep.9)

MangaHideFANTA&SWEAT (Original)
Detana!! TWINBEE (Copyright)
VS Knight Ramune and 40 Fires (Copyright)
Uchuu X Hyoue (Original)
Arcade Gamer Fubuki (Original)
Goei Kami Eight (Original)
Dragon Quest Monsters+ (Copyright)
Keroro Gunsou (Original) (Still in Publication)

Video GamesHidePop'N Tanks (Design, PS1)
Command Master (Design, Gameboy Color)
Nijiiro Dodgeball (Design, PS1)
Dokapon World (Design, PS2)
Gundam Card Builder 0079/0083 (Design, Arcade)
Otomedius/G/X (Design, Arcade/Xbox 360)
Taisen Hot Gimmick Series (Design, Various)

Character DesignHideMelty-chan (Maruge Shop Mascot)
32 Idol Saturn-chan (Digital Content)
OS-Idol Win-chan (Digital Content)
Pop'N Tanks (General Design)
Command Master (General Design)
Nijiiro Dodgeball (General Design)
Shin Irresponsible Captain Tylor (General Design)
Seven of Seven (Anime)
HiMe-sama (Himekuri Mascot)
Dokapon World (General Design)
Hobby-chan (C3xHobby Mascot)
XX series (Figure Design)
Otomedius (General Design)
Otomedius G (General Design)
Otomedius X (General Design)
Angol Fear (Soul Calibur IV Character)
Manpuku Shoujo Dragonet (General Design, Live-Action)

Figure SupervisionHideKeroro Gunsou Series (Megahouse)
ACG Fubuki (Megahouse)
Excellent Model Hinata Collection (Megahouse)
Angel-XX Series (Wave)
Nano! Series (Wave)
Limit Gunz (Art Storm/Lilics)
Fushigi na Melmo (Organic)

Fun FactsHide-An avid Gunpla builder who constructs kits as often as he sketches
-Yoshizaki could purportedly sketch a near flawless RX-78 from just seeing a single frame of the original Gundam anime.
-Was an assistant to manga-ka Katsuaki Nakamura (Katsu Aki) for some years wherein he learned the ropes of a professional.
-Works on a Mac but has a soft-spot for the PC and Microsoft.
-Is a large fan of fighting games, in particular those of Capcom. Yoshizaki attributes his early career to a passion for the Street Fighter series and its emphasis on character design.
-Collects and rides motorcycles, the majority of his bikes are Honda.
-Is married, has 2 children, and multiple cats.

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i know this club is old but you should add kemono friends as he did chara designs for that series! ^_^
8 months ago
shigureHello and thanks for the invitation to your club. I have added 3 colour variants of Reiko Holinger and 3 of Catherine Blitzen to db
7 years ago
Hello and thanks for the invitation to your club. I have added 3 colour variants of Reiko Holinger and 3 of Catherine Blitzen to db: figure/53315_re...; figure/53328_re...; figure/53407_re...; figure/53316_ca...; figure/53330_ca...; figure/53408_ca....
Not sure about the origins though; the boxes of the 2 already in db: figure/1552_rei...; figure/1553_cat... both show 0079 whereas the 6 that I added all show 0083. I could not find any offical shots (or information) so I photographed the pictures on the boxes for the db entries.
7 years ago
sillyker0nianWait...the 5th Keroro movie's title has been translated? Sweet~! ^_^
Actually, that's my translation. The full title is 超劇場版ケロロ軍曹 誕生!究極ケロロ 奇跡の時空島であります!! or "Keroro Gunsou The Super Movie: Birth! Ultimate Keroro! Miracle of Space-Time Island De Arimasu!!", so I decided to cut it down to just "Miracle of Space-time Island". The "official" translation will likely vary slightly.
7 years ago
sillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
Wait...the 5th Keroro movie's title has been translated? Sweet~! ^_^

Also, I loved that chapter in the manga that it's based on. At least, that is what I think it is.

And, Mine Yoshizaki is a good creator and artist. He deserves more love from the industry. I know he got an award for Keroro, but still ^^;
7 years ago
hey, thanks for the invitation!!
I especially love Axes Jong within many Mine's superb works ^^b
7 years ago
Wow! It's the club I always wished I had made (^_^) Thanks for the invite!!!
7 years ago
Thanks for the invitation ^_^
7 years ago