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Kanade Tachibana Fan Club
AytrialAytrial9 years ago
For all of us who are fans of Kanade 'Tenshi' Tachibana.

Mysterious. Cute. Deadly. What's not to love?

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Love Kanade!! Had to get a figure of her after watching Angel Beats! What a awesome series!! :D
7 years ago
8 years ago
Mai waifu~ <3
8 years ago
Aytrial Token Mascot Character

As you can guess, I've been pretty lazy in terms of linking items. ;O
9 years ago
Coldlight Sayaka★Magica
Someone should link these to the list of related items:
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ITEM #37858
9 years ago
tenshi-sama we love you xD
9 years ago
awsome a Tenshi club, I love her
9 years ago
Kanade and Kana Hanasawa - the best I ever hear*__*
9 years ago
Just joined ^^. Kanade is so cute.
9 years ago
YAY Kanade Fanclub~! Kawaii desu ne~ x3
9 years ago