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Bunny Farm
mikamika7 years agoMisc
One of the most strange outfits is the rabbit costume. Who really likes women with rabbit ears and a stump bunny tail? Nevertheless, a push-up tight dress with fishnet pantyhose is what catches the eye, too.

Let's cherish them in our farm.

The avatar mascot of this club is Asahina Mikuru ITEM #6830.

They breed like bunnies:

All bunny girl-related items (be they figures, goods, or media), pictures, and entries are accepted in the club! If an item or a picture is missing in the Related Items / Pictures / Entries list, please do not hesitate suggesting it!
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I must report I officially fell into the bunny help. Someone here once told me buying one would spell my end. I didn't believe this brave soul and now I must thread the labyrinth of this inferno.
6 days ago
I am going to stick with the Freeing 1/4 figures. The new Binding ones look nice but I prefer the Freeing more normal style look and the price is cheaper.
2 months ago
Bunny girl figures now open for pre-order:

* BellFine's Kuroyukihime: ITEM #644649

* BINDing's Suzuhara Misae (WARNING, NSFW): ITEM #549607
Note that she's a Limited + Exclusive figure, so only available at stores dealing with exclusives such as Nippon-Yasan or Ixu's Deviance, or via proxies.

Suzuhara's sculpt isn't to my tastes though, and way too expensive especially when compared to FREEing's offerings. Definite pass for me, without a single regret.
As for Kuroyukihime, interested in her but a bit too expensive and in a release period where I cannot afford more preorders, so I'm pretty sure I'll find her in the aftermarket later at a better price.
2 months ago
Going through a 15 days backlog due to busy worklife keeping me away from MFC until now, sorry everyone!

* Noteworthy bunny figures that are now on pre-order:

- FREEing Rem and Ram: ITEM #549502 and ITEM #549503
- FunnyKnights Rider: ITEM #576704
- QuesQ Selvaria: ITEM #397015
- BINDing Bunny Boys: ITEM #549577 and ITEM #549576 (Warning: since those two are Limited + Exclusive, they're only findables at stores dealing with exclusives, such as Big in Japan, Nippon Yasan, and Ixu's Deviance)

* As for GSC umbrella's next releases:
- FREEing Yuki Nagato ITEM #331692 scheduled for release on December 21st;
- FREEing Yui Kotegawa ITEM #543900 and Mikan Yuuki ITEM #543899 delayed to January 2018.

* Also, Good Smile Company set up a temporary store in Paris, France blogdemaritan.c... .
I visited it yesterday evening.

(Duration of the store: from December Friday 15th till Sunday 17th, so if you're interested, go see it quickly while you still can!
Location: 7 Rue Edouard VII -it's very near from Opera Metro Station and Hotel Scribe-)

They sadly don't have any bunny figures for sale in their list, but for those who don't have her and want to see her in person before making a decision, FREEing Yoko Littner ITEM #287855 is on display!
3 months ago
FREEing is currently doing a Saekano bunny girl festival!
Not only is Eriri ITEM #396928 open for preorders, Utaha ITEM #396927 is getting rereleased, and orders are reopened for Megumi ITEM #396927 from today November 24th till December 21st as well www.goodsmile.i... !!
Don't miss this chance to complete your set if you failed to get the first two back then!
3 months ago
So, slightly old news is old, but FREEing is getting into making 1/4 scale bunny boys!
They've announced ITEM #638637 and ITEM #638638 from the manga 10 Count.

Original idea indeed. Personally I'm not interested in them in the slightest, but that's definitely nice for collectors who want male eye candy too!
4 months ago
In GSC's weekly release date update www.goodsmile.i... , three bunny girls from their affiliated manufacturers finally have a release date set!

- FREEing's Ilfriede and Yui from Muv-Luv ITEM #549539 and ITEM #549543 will be shipped out on October 23th;
- Aquamarine's Tenshi from Angel Beats ITEM #464743 will be shipped out on October 25th.

Thank god I already fully paid in advance for Ilfriede and Yui months ago at a European shop, or they would have destroyed my budget for being released at the same time! Downside is that I'll likely won't get them before January, but I much prefer that solution over the alternative.
5 months ago
Since we're all about bunnygirls here, I guess we need to say a heartfelt rest in peace to Hugh Hefner :(
5 months ago
I just saw all the bunny girls announced by BINDing (e.g. Non Virgin Bunny Girl OC by Oda Non) at WonFestival. Any idea what size they will be?
6 months ago
The ability to add blogs and pictures to the clubs has been restored at last!
As such, I've added a couple blogs to the Related Articles list I wanted to put in, included yours, SOLLUXCAPTOR . Thank you very much for your patience!
6 months ago
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