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TrishlerTrishler10 years ago
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anybody here watched Saint Seiya Omega??

what do you think the chance of its characters getting SCM treatment?

there's no object mode for Cloth in Omega though
9 years ago
hey bandai we want them all plus many more!!!!!!!!!!

That´s true !!! the only problem is that I have not money yet to buy them all !!!
9 years ago
guys in shaina/cassios box . there is an online questioning site for japanese only. among others they are asing if we are interested in the following figures:

Athena Saori Kido 11. Papillon mu
2. Mermaid Thetis 12. Basilisk Sylphide
3.13 Bell Eagle Magic. Alula ridges Queen
4. Hound Asterion 14. 耶人 Unicorn
5. Cerberus Dante 15. Yuzuriha Crane
6. Aurigakapera 16. Sagittarius Shijifosu
7. Whale Moses 17. Dokuratesu
8.18 and horses. Abel
09. Lucifer 19. Midgard
10. Sphinx Pharaoh 20. More

hey bandai we want them all plus many more!!!!!!!!!!
9 years ago
Hi I'm scorpiomilo12, I'm also from Youtube, I'm formerly known as Tencents09 until Google decided to make me use my Google account as my Youtube account -_-.
9 years ago
I sell my gemini figure
9 years ago
Hello Everybody im Daniel From HD Reviews on Youtube, im glad to be a part of this club, I do Saint Seiya Reviews and have a big collection. Check out my reviews and pics and thank you very much
9 years ago
Leo Aioria EX HobbySearch and HLJ preorder www.1999.co.jp/..., www.hlj.com/pro... *_*
10 years ago
the last one? you mean the old gold saint MC?

there's around 2000 yen difference between the old GS MC with GS EX MC (example: Leo MC = 4000 yen while Leo EX MC = 6000 yen)

if you're referring to Gemini (6000 and 6500 for MC & EX respectively) then consider that the old Gemini MC includes 2 body and pope ares' clothes & throne
10 years ago
SpartanAh, ah, no way for me :D Sure, Ex are nice, but I find MC expensive enough, I'm not going to buy Gold/Bronze Saints once again...
at least, I know that the EX line of myth cloth, would have the same price or really near to the last one
10 years ago
I think I'll buy Virgo Shaka...as I can't find him with good price :/
10 years ago