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SNLSNL11 years ago

Hello fellow Brit !

This club is a place for all British people who have a hobby in common and a country in common...
Joy us if you want to share your passion for figure collecting, exchange information, ideas and meet with other UK collectors.

fáilte roimh
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FerretPun5 months ago#111248448EMS is back at last!
Whoop whoop! :)
5 months ago
EMS is back at last!
5 months ago
Petition to prevent the 2021 abolition of low consignment relief on items under £15


worth a try
2 years ago
Hey :>
2 years ago
2 years ago
Hey everyone, I am selling a part of my collection! You can find more info as well as the prices and photos for each item here: docs.google.com...
I am located in the UK
2 years ago
Hello! I'm doing a figure giveaway! General rules and info at thread/16835
2 years ago
Hey, I'm new to figure collecting (nearly a year now)
I'm in London and struggling to find ways of getting figures from Japan, any advice?
3 years ago
Does anyone know if there's another place to sell merchandise apart from here (not really sure how selling works here to be honest), eBay and the UK club on Facebook?
3 years ago
Does anyone know any UK artists who take garage kit commissions?
3 years ago