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With apologies to the MAL Anime Figure Central club...though this is an old version....

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02 months agodeyarodeyaro
Obligatory 2017 post...just as an auction I had bid on for an old garage kit closed. The Japanese Yahoo! auction site is starting to eat my wallet. (LOL)
01 year agodeyarodeyaro

obligatory annual comment
02 years agoEmerjeEmerje
deyaro (2 years ago)'s 2015

I forgot we even had a club...
02 years agodeyarodeyaro's 2015
04 years agodeyarodeyaro
Darn.... I didn't update my collection when I unloaded a bunch of figures a couple of months ago...
05 years agodeyarodeyaro
Zzzzzzzzzzzzz ;-P
05 years agodeyarodeyaro
Does anyone sign onto this site anymore?
06 years agodeyarodeyaro
Merry Christmas!
06 years agodeyarodeyaro
2 months in Japan and I haven't purchased a single anime figure. Did get some odd mini (by "mini" I mean's about 2cm tall) figure with a bottle of cold tea.
06 years agodeyarodeyaro
Greetings from my humble desk in Yonezawa. By "Humble" I really mean "HUMBLE".

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