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MonocleClaireMonocleClaire11 years ago
Stuck with a broken figure you can't use? Need some spare parts, or you've lost some? Come to Spare Parts where you can sell, buy and swap all the parts you'll ever need!


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I’m looking for the acrylic stand that holds the bike up on my Suzuha Mountain Bike figure. If anyone knows where I can find it or something that might work let me know. https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/08/11/thumbnails/3217633.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/08/11/thumbnails/3217632.jpeg
6 days ago
[HUNTING] hi I'm looking for replacement parts for a konosuba Yun Yun figure it's a Sega premium figure and it has her pointing with her detachable arm and a basket on the other arm the parts I need are her detachable arm the basket and her stand thanks
8 days ago
Looking for Raising Heart from ITEM #125204, mine got paint peel and I either need the staff or just the tip of it.
1 month ago
ISO #910 Taikogane Sadamune HAIR piece (or something similar)
I am trying to re-create long haired Miyamura from Horimiya
1 month ago
Terrence Scale Enthusiast
Looking for the lantern accessory and hook for the oboro murasame kongiku figure, PM me if you're willing to part with it! I don't mind if the battery doesn't work, just want the poor girl to hold something since I'm missing parts.

ITEM #98783
2 months ago
Looking for a saber alter fgo dress ver.’s whole dress part. Please contact me if you’re selling the whole dress.
2 months ago
TheDastardlyHag Watches for the plot

Looking to buy the extra "tongue out" face from the Senran Kagura 1/4 "Sexy Nurse Hikage" that came as a hobbystock direct exclusive bonus

ITEM #1049834

Please PM me if youd be interested in selling yours, thanks in advance!
2 months ago

Looking to purchase the hairpiece (and possibly faceplates) for the Tsuyu Asui Nendoroid #1272. I wish to make a nendoroid doll for her and need an extra hair piece.
2 months ago
[HUNTING] Looking for the hair piece to ITEM #581562. I lost it during a move.

This is what mine looks like atm. imgur.com/a/0PA...
2 months ago
Tail for ITEM #59190
2 months ago