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Spare Parts
MonocleClaireMonocleClaire10 years ago
Stuck with a broken figure you can't use? Need some spare parts, or you've lost some? Come to Spare Parts where you can sell, buy and swap all the parts you'll ever need!


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[HUNTING] Looking for anyone with both forearms to Figuarts Kingdom Hearts Sora (ITEM #582402 or ITEM #689203). Not the joints, just the forearms. Thanks!
16 days ago
[HUNTING] Just got a "Hobby Japan magazine Limited Fleet Collection Kancolle Shimakaze 1/8 PVC Figure" (Item #166425) at a decent price on ebay, but all the little mobile turrets and the backpack piece are missing. Looking to buy them if at reasonable price if anyone has spares.
26 days ago
[HUNTING] Type-Moon Racing Saber ITEM #498420 pommel from the sword or the whole umbrella-sword together. Thanks.
28 days ago
[HUNTING] Figma Girls and Panzer throat microphone
I recently bought ITEM #166918 and it seems to be missing the throat microphone. I guess it's the same part on all figures of the series, so if there is anyone who does not want to diplay the girls sitting in their tank, please send me a message
1 month ago
[HUNTING] Nendoroid Atsuko Kagari Hat
I’m looking for an offer or pay for Nendoroid Atsuko Kagari's hat from Little Witch Academia. LMK in my DM.
2 months ago
[HUNTING] Nendoroid Lin Setsu A Smoke effect
I’m looking for an offer or pay for Nendoroid Lin Setsu A's Smoke effect. Please DM if you’re willing to give or sell.
2 months ago
hi, im looking for the base of ITEM #22247
2 months ago
Looking for a wing that attaches to the shoe of the 1/8 Ultimate Goddess Madoka figure.
2 months ago
hi! I'm looking for the scythe of wisteria
night hag lilith (not on mfc www.myethos.hk/...)

also looking for ITEM #604614 top hair piece
3 months ago
Im looking for a spare clear figma base, the peg in mine broke and ill be willing to buy a new one.
3 months ago