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MonocleClaireMonocleClaire9 years ago
Stuck with a broken figure you can't use? Need some spare parts, or you've lost some? Come to Spare Parts where you can sell, buy and swap all the parts you'll ever need!


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Looking for this(imgur.com/a/XVG...) holding figure in air part. It's part from Hibiki Tachibana AXZ prize figure.
13 days ago
In desperate need of the neck ribbon from ITEM #99355. Please DM with your price! ;u;
15 days ago
Looking for a Joint P for Levi Nendoroid!
Bought one but it arrived missing them ;;
Think it feel out in transit.
16 days ago
hi, i'm looking for the base of higurashi daybreak maid rika, i would prefer the pink one but if anyone has the orange base thats fine too! just need somewhere for her to stand since she came without hers ^^'
1 month ago
New forum post! Selling a figma summer Konata Izumi and Nendoroid OVA Black Rock Shooter and Manaka Takane for parts!
1 month ago
Hey, Im looking for the Base of the Thosaka Rin by Stronger (Item #532059).
If someone is willig to part with it, please PM me, I´d be happy to buy it off of you.
1 month ago
3 months ago
Grape3 months ago#87089634I'm specifically looking for spare nendo pieces!
A neck joint (like so: i.ebayimg.com/i... for example) and an older base without the arch (like so: cdn.shopify.com... or anything similar)
Does anyone have any they are selling, and are willing to ship to Canada? ;_; They are the final pieces needed for my custom!!

The Let's Split Nendoroid Club on MFC or Chibi Chop Shop are your best bets.
3 months ago
--- Found my parts! Thanks everyone!
3 months ago
So, I'm looking for a replacement headphone cord for my Orihara Izaya Psychedelic figurine (ITEM #364200) ...it fell off a shelf and thankfully the figurine itself survived rather unscathed. His headphone cord, however, didn't. The MP3-Player snapped right off, and since it's such a small and fiddly part, there's no way of gluing it back together. I have no real hope finding a replacement part, but who knows, maybe I'm lucky. Should someone be able to help, please PM me.
4 months ago