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CasberryCasberry14 years ago
This club is for all fans of Vocaloid , and is dedicated to showing love for everyone of the Vocaloids, from LEON, to Miku, to Iroha, to Clara. Everyone is welcome to join. ^^

Vocaloid is a voice-synthesizer program developed by Yamaha in 2004 from the idea of synthesizing human vocals for singing. From it's humble beginnings, Vocaloid has become a global phenomena, which has fans world-wide, and has led to albums, games, figures, concerts, new composers, other merchandise, etc.

Most, but not all, Vocaloid voice-banks have an avatar created to go with them. These avatars are a key in advertising, and are a starting point for the producers to adapt their work to. These avatars have been brought to life by the fan-base and today the avatars are cheered for and loved, just like popular human bands and artists. Today, Vocaloid's are marketed more so as virtual singers, some voice-banks even include short bios of their mascots.

For further information please check here: vocaloid.wikia....

To view a list of all the Vocaloid's go here:vocaloid.wikia.... and in the search bar enter "mascot". (I can't get the link to work here).
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A variety of vocaloid plushes! Shipping included in USA. DM me for details. Willing to bundle with other plushes and figures listed here: LIST #228054

Snow Miku 2013; $30
Miku with You 2021: $40
Hatsune Miku x Maneki Neko: $40
Magical Mirai 2018: $30
Magical Mirai 2016: $30
Magical Mirai 2017: $30
Xingchen - Osuwari Nuigurumi: $40
Haiyi - Osuwari Nuigurumi: $40

26 days ago
Anyone selling Hatsune Miku dakimakura covers 120cm x 40cm in Canada? Preferably SFW but a little suggestive is okay.
1 month ago
DenpaSekai now playing _UNTITLED_ ...
hello, a small request: some of the project sekai x zozotown collab merchandise has been uploaded to the archive, but not much, and I can't find everything or have the full knowledge on how to properly upload all of it here. If anyone has any spare time I would be eternally grateful!
2 months ago
is anyone else excited for mikus NA tour i love her new art!
2 months ago
PigeonSocks henreader enjoyer
MeerkatQueen6 months ago#123904177Would ENTRY #323926 and ENTRY #10918 be eligible? They both use VOCALOIDs in their soundtracks. Yes, linked! :)
6 months ago
Would ENTRY #323926 and ENTRY #10918 be eligible? They both use VOCALOIDs in their soundtracks.
6 months ago
thank u so much for sharing my image here!!!
7 months ago
Came across a few more untagged VOCALOID images that you might be interested in.

PICTURE #3383383
PICTURE #3383265
PICTURE #3382978
PICTURE #3378142
11 months ago
IDK if you allow picture recommendations but here are some pictures with VOCALOID characters however aren't tagged as such or in the group.

View spoilerHide spoilerPICTURE #3377501
PICTURE #195523
PICTURE #1854017
PICTURE #3218324
PICTURE #3202627
PICTURE #3252915
PICTURE #3113358
PICTURE #3106874
PICTURE #1865328
PICTURE #1854014
PICTURE #3233395

Would also like to recommend the Xingchen tag/258175, Myethos Stardust tag/153182, Luo Tianyi tag/37637, and Vsinger tag/323674 tags for more content.
11 months ago
Artemissile1 year ago#108989729Does anyone know where I might find this www.amiami.com/...
? I missed out on it and I’m devastated. There’s so little merch of him! I know it’s vsinger and not vocaloid but there’s no vsinger group…

same im so upset its not even funny, i got ling but im so upset i missed moke,, i need to know where i can get it :(
1 year ago