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3 years ago
catvillage66 (5 years ago) #1105967View spoilerHide spoilerI love alot of Vocaloid's but my top ten would have to be
#1- Nekomura Iroha
#2- Lily (Vocaloid 3)
#3- Yuzuki Yukari
#4- CUL
#5- Kagamine Rin
#6- MAYU
#7- Hatsune Miku/Aoki Lapis (They're tied)
#8- GUMI
#9- SF-A2 miki
#10- SeeU

Another Nekomura fan, awesome! Of all the Vocaloids I've listened to, I'd have to say she has my favorite voice. Anyway, my top ten would probably be:

1. Nekomura Iroha
2. Gumi
3. IA
4. Yuzuki Yukari
5. Kagamine twins
6. Hatsune Miku (especially her dark append)
7. Lily
8. Megurine Luka
9. Kamui Gakupo
10. SeeU

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