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kihannakihanna11 years ago

This club is for any and all artists that are a part of the Tsuki-board community. Here you can meet fellow artists, share your art and web pages, and discuss about art.

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Hi! I'm glad to see the 1st art club here, how could I not see it 1st xD? Hopeful to see and share art.
7 years ago
iTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd
Yeah really. I just thought about it and I'm glad there's a club for it. Looking forward to Sharon what I just drew.
7 years ago
I totally forgot about this club! This seems like a cool idea, just needs to be spread around more.

My dA - hozenziglacier....
7 years ago
Now i just found out about this club's existence! Woot!
8 years ago
Yay an Art Club! Hello there!

My Portfolio ~ ainiwaffles.com...
My DA ~ ainiwaffles.dev...
8 years ago
Where was this club when I first joined MFC and why didn't I see it--

Pixiv -> www.pixiv.net/m...
I also post sketches, doodles, other drawings on Twitter.

I'm just a person who floats around and draws things. (´・ω・`) . . .
8 years ago
Hi, I just joined this club and recently this lovely community as well :)

Here is my Deviantart account, I guess...I'm kind of embarrassed since I have very old pieces on there and I haven't updated it for a very long time >//o//<

Thanks for having me ^.^
8 years ago
Ummm... hi there.
My stuff isn't really good, but if you want to visit my dA here's the link:
8 years ago
writers are accepted too? ^.^
8 years ago
No one makes a "Share your latest Work" topic here?

I'd do it but apparently that's physically impossible for me as there is no "create topic" button anywhere in sight.
8 years ago
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