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TwilliKTwilliK6 years agoMisc
The musty smell of books welcomes you warmly. (Still setting up, but :V)

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A club for people who like reading, no matter what the subject matter.
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In other words Manga Lover Paradise Ja!!!
5 years ago
takarayama Enjoyer of Life.™
Oh my gods! A club for people who read books. I'm in! :D

Currently I'm reading the first volume of Rocket Girls by Housuke Nojiri. I've only just got started but I'm liking it so far.

The anime that's based on the novels was aired during a period (2007~2009) when I wasn't watching much anime so I never got around to watching it. However, I hear it wasn't very good so I'm not sure I'll ever check it out. We'll see.

I'm not a big reader but I greatly enjoy reading. Most of the novels I read are in fantasy genre but I'll read anything with an interesting story. Slowly working my way through the Discworld novels and a pile of light novels. ^^
5 years ago
Thank you, then))
I think Nagato Yuki, Amano Tooko and Yomiko Readman would support me)
6 years ago
TwilliK Mukyu~
For people who like reading, give me a minute... okay, yup, I had pretty much completely forgotten about this for a while. Haha, orz.
6 years ago
Is this a club for avid readers? Or for those who don't like reading?
6 years ago
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