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06 years agoMastraCustomMastraCustom
I love Nagi-sama! Wonderful idea to open a club about her ^^
06 years agoinstantpretoriainstantpretoria
Looks like Kannagi is finally coming back late next month.
[ext link ]
07 years agoBlancmangeBlancmange
kilani^___^ Kannagi manga is resuming October 9th!!!

[ext link ]

That's wonderful news! I assume Eri Takenashi is feeling much better?
07 years agodeyarodeyaro
Yippee! Keeping my fingers crossed for a second season of the anime.

btw: Did anyone here follow/read Kanpachi? I obviously haven't... [ext link ]
07 years agokilanikilani Sayaka Rank
^___^ Kannagi manga is resuming October 9th!!!

[ext link ]
07 years agoanarchystbranarchystbr
Yes!!!! Proud Nagi-sama fan arrived!
07 years agoitachi377itachi377
I want more Nagi-sama but after what happened I don't think it will continue. =*(
08 years agoRibonizerRibonizer
Nagi-sama was the first figure I bought and ignited my addiction!
Nagi-sama~ But honestly I can't wait for Unimimi Tsugumi to come out so I can finish the Kemonomimi cosplay set~ (Plus I love Tsugumi lots!)
08 years agooshaikeuchioshaikeuchi
I wish there was a second season! ;3;
08 years agofama226fama226 Micronize me
Well hey there! Truthfully I've just started watching the series and I can't believe that I've been missing out on show like this for the longest time! anyways I'm actually quite surprised that the maid-cafe version of Nagi and company haven't been made yet! I mean the potential of Nagi, Zange and Tsugumi in those A-grade outfits would be a fans dream come true, or maybe they just happen to be in the works right now but I'm not aware of it ha ha

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