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5 days ago

I wanted to sell certain Anime/game items that aren't on the darabase:

picture #1862595
picture #1862607
picture #1862605
picture #1862603
picture #1862602
picture #1862600
picture #1862598
picture #1862597

and items from the database that lack an audience:

picture #1794671
picture #1794673
picture #1794672
picture #1794670

but from what I've heard eBay isn't much used as before so I was looking for alternatives to eBay in hopes to sell these better off.

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5 days ago
I use Depop a lot. Its got pros and cons, but its still one I use way more than eBay since I feel like I have more luck through it.

It's a mobile only app and like eBay it does charge 10% when an item sells but unlike eBay it chagres you that fee right away instead of waiting a whole month. I feel that Depop caters more to the anime/manga/etc merch than eBay does although you can also find normal items like cloths, decorations, etc.

Some cons is that it can be a little tricky to use. And if you have to refund a buyer for whatever reason you do have to email them with screenshots of all sort of proof of the fee they charged you, the item transaction and refund, your username and the buyers and it can be a rigmarole but they do refund you the fee. I've only had that issue once where a buyer accidentally bought the wrong listing. And there are bots.

But overall its a good selling app to use.

Another platform I hear a lot about is Mercari. I've never used it so I'm not sure how it works.
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