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Figurine Photography
A group dedicated to sharing pictures and information about figurine photography.

Feel free to join if you like taking pictures of your figurines, if you want to learn how to do it, or if you simply just enjoy looking at pictures and talking about them. Anything goes. Don't hesitate to join~

Thanks go out to KAMUGIN for the club logo.


●★ Tomopop Talks Photography - Part 1: All About the Gear by Ace0fClub5.
Shot Breakdowns by TIER.

Light Box Tutorial by BAKAMANDY.
●★ Figure on Cheap Lighting by super rats.
Figure on Cheap Lighting II: Blocking Light by super rats.
Light Box Tutorial by OTAKU_DAN.
New Photoshoot Lightening Set Up by WCLOUDXKUMO.
Photoshoot Set Up Adjustment by WCLOUDXKUMO.
Studio and Camera Setups by NIGHT813.
Home-made light box by fl Photophool.
Figure Photography by FABRICE.

Comprehensive Figure Photography Lighting Guide by TIER
Part 1 – Getting Started with Creative Lighting
Part 2 – Components of a Lighting Setup
Part 3 – Direction of Light
Part 4 – The Quality of Light: Soft and Hard Light
Part 5 – Distance of Light and the Inverse-Square Law
Part 6 – Light Modifiers

Cheap solutions for macroshots by KAMUGIN.
Pop-up Flash Diffuser by fl natuurplat.

Fixing pictures on Photoshop by BAKAMANDY.

★ : A star marks recommended starter tutorials if you want to get started with figurine photography, but don't let that stop you from having a look at the others.
● : This means that it's an off-site link.
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Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
Tsunami3k (5 months ago) #31355769I'll be curious over time whether it leans towards compositional/inspirational or technical. Ideally some blend of the two would be nice. Cheers and thank you again!You're welcome! He is an outstanding astrophotographer ^^

I too wait them to be enlightening. In the composition matter I hope he shows some golden ratio but it's not very common so we'll see.
5 months ago
Singer_Yuna (5 months ago) #31355744Eyeland is sharing photographic wisdom in his blog BLOG #39393
Thank you for sharing the post @Singer_Yuna! Definitely looks like the beginning of a series that will be rich with figure photography morsels.

I'll be curious over time whether it leans towards compositional/inspirational or technical. Ideally some blend of the two would be nice. Cheers and thank you again!
5 months ago
Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
Eyeland is sharing photographic wisdom in his blog BLOG #39393
5 months ago
So while Figma fans have access to dedicated props and can tap into the dollhouse scene (also 1/12th scale) to build neat dioramas, I find myself wondering if 1/5th-1/8th scale figure photographers share my frustration with the lack of good props for the larger scales.

Has anyone found a good source for props or settings that would work well for bigger figures? Or, if you build your own props, rooms or other settings, what materials do you use and what are your sources for inspiration?

I don't mind getting my hands dirty and have enjoyed the few times that I've built things but, more often than not, I seem to get hung up on where to start.
2 years ago
Tier (3 years ago) #3085442Views/favorites/etc. are not so much a function of when a picture is submitted as much as a reflection of how many cats are in your photo.

lol, too true. And/or just throw your figure on the lawn for a quick shot or two and you're golden!

@DanteMagica Seriously though, it sometimes seems a bit random. If your goal is to get lots of hits, settings with cats and flowers seem to have the best chances to attract views. It's also hard to go wrong when shooting against simple black backgrounds (for which I'm often guilty of doing).

Sadly, more often than not, I'm mystified when I post a photo that I have very high hopes for gets negligible views. Usually it's because I happened to submit it during a deluge of someone's cell phone snaps or it gets summarily buried amid a mass upload by one of several chronic photo spammers.

It's fair to say that maybe I have too high an opinion of my submissions but I think it's safe to say that most everything beats out a casual phone snap so I guess my best advice is to make your submissions withl due humility; some will get some attention and others, seemingly inexplicably at times, won't. It does feel really good when a photo gets good recognition so don't give up.

Timing wise, the most obvious choice is to submit photos right after the date changes (IIRC the server is on GMT but the easiest way to verify is to watch when the POTD section updates to be 100% sure). The next best time is likely early morning US Eastern time IIRC; the theory being that fewer uploads are occurring during that time and that it's during a time when people in the Americas are waking up, checking the first few pages of latest submissions and voting here or there but less likely to be submitting contributions of their own.

Likewise with POTW, POTM, etc. save for the possibility that, perhaps, there is a bit more competition on Sunday when the new week's submissions start and people are not working and have the time to do so vs. Monday which is more likely to be a day that people view rather than submit photos. That said, I do think the scores are weighted to allow later entries to remain competitive with earlier submissions.

I've also seen people link their own photos either here, on the figure threads or externally which also inflates their scores but, really, it's all still very luck-of-the-draw; sometimes your photo will win the dice roll and other times it just won't.

I can't claim to speak for everyone here but, for what it's worth, I'm most likely to respect a solid photo with good technical and compositional skill for its own merits than some score earned by luck and/or the praise of the masses.

You know what might be fun!? Perhaps a thread here along the lines of "Why Didn't My Photo Make POT*?". I can see it as being a hybrid of the standard photo critique thread and a second chance for a photo to get proper recognition when perhaps its only failing was crummy timing.
3 years ago
Views/favorites/etc. are not so much a function of when a picture is submitted as much as a reflection of how many cats are in your photo.
3 years ago
Hello everyone, I'm excited to join the club, I'm always open to learning cool new tricks for photographing figures.

Does anyone know when the best time in the day or which day out of the week is the best time to post pics to get the most hits/power?
3 years ago
takarayama Enjoyer of Life.™
Ooh. Some excellent information at those videos and site linked by TSUNAMI3K. :D

This group is turning 6 years old in only two days now. It's nice to see that so many helpful members have found their way here. ^_^
3 years ago
Here is a collection of several figure photo shoots and their "behind the scenes" details. The site is in Japanese but the setup photos do a fantastic job of showing you how each effect or nuance is created.

3 years ago
Some entertaining uses of housewares for various photography effects. Figure photography even gets a brief nod in the video!

4 years ago
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