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KibiKibi6 years agoMisc
Welcome, young alchemists.
Come on in and have some pie!


This club is for all fans of the Atelier series. Fans of other Gust games are also welcome.

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Dear all, where it is possible to buy picture/1756514... except Gust?^^
1 year ago
amy616 Let's DANCE
Wish Ayesha and Escha figures turn out nicely, and hope there are more announcements!
3 years ago
want lionela figure :3
4 years ago
Oh I wish there was a Cordelia Figure! :(
4 years ago

Atelier Escha/Logy Website.

Look at the screenshots! They look amazing! Theres a slight change on the graphics :)!
5 years ago
Woohoo! Just got Atelier Totori+ platinum, took a long time in comparison to when I played the original on PS3. I think I enjoyed it far more with it being portable as well! Really loving the fact I can play around with costumes, I'm now on a NG+ readying myself for Orthoglaxen round 2, I only bothered to fight the first group of bosses in my first playthrough so I could earn the recipe to synth a certain Mask d'Gs mask. Now to unlock all the super cute stuff like kitty ears and maid outfits!
5 years ago
Kibi Prisma Kibino
New Atelier game announced!

5 years ago
mewi (6 years ago) #1143940I have every single Atelier game o.o EVERY SINGLE ONE even the non plus ones~ :3
Nice.. How about Ayesha? Are you waiting for the Europe version?
5 years ago
I have every single Atelier game o.o EVERY SINGLE ONE even the non plus ones~ :3
6 years ago
frickenchicken (6 years ago) #1040086It's not necessary to play Rorona before Totori, actually many people recommend playing the second game first as it's more polished and easier to get into and the story is still perfectly understandable.
I started with Totori too :)

Thank you! :)
Now I don't have to worry about missing out on something :D
6 years ago
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