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fama226fama22611 years ago
A club for the Macross Frontier fan at heart! Taken away by Sheryl's voice? or perhaps you've found yourself dancing along to one of Ranka's signature songs? maybe you've even gawked in awe at the amazing display of limitless missiles from time to time? Well If so you'll definitely find that you have a place here! Don't feel restricted to just the confines of Frontier, if you also harbor admiration for the other Macross series's then feel free to speak your mind! All in All I hope everyone will enjoy the club!

172 members and going strong! Thank you towards each and every individual who took the time to join and interact in the club, your support and dedication is what truly elevates it to greatness! Again, I give you my deepest thanks and hope that you will keep your spirits high in the times to come!


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Sythellri the Phoenix
I raged so hard at the 2nd movie's ending. I'm a Sheryl fan but RAGEEEE
8 years ago
I think Tomorrow I'm going to give Ranka and Sheryl a Snow Shot since we got damn good snow for it outside now for sure....did a Klan Shot today....
9 years ago
The movie is sooooo awesome, at first i think it will end up like other "the movie" that has bunch of cut scenes of original TV series combine together. I can,t wait for the sayonara no tsubasa

PS: in the first pic, michel is really scary : S
9 years ago
Climbatize MFC Android app maker
Hi there! I posted some pics of my two last Macross Frontier acquisitions. If some mods want to link them to the club, you can find them here ^^ pictures.php?vi...

By the way, I'm very impressed by Klan Klang from Megahouse, but I hoped she would be bigger for this price :)
9 years ago
Figure I'll pop in too..

I'm a Macross Frontier fan, that series got me into collecting Macross as of late.... And I'm a Klan Fan! She's one of the figures I have the most of I think I got like 3 right now, but waiting on 2 more which will bring it to 5 Klans in my collection!

[Waiting on the big Megahouse Klan that just came out!!!!]Drool......
9 years ago
KiraYamato44 凛遙✿(>ノ、<)x(ㅎ_ㅎ)✿
Hi everyone! Introducing myself. XD I am a huge Macross Frontier fan. I love the series... Big Sheryl and Alto fan. So much so that I've cosplayed Sheryl with at least 5 outfits and counting. Recently met May'n, Konishi (Swoon), and Nakajima at AX. I never thought I would ever get to met May'n let alone see Kanno-san on stage with her. I can't wait for the movie to come out in October and the second one as well so I can have my happy ending. (crossing my fingers with my pairing XD)

I was actually good and didn't see the cam rip and spoiled myself. I am waiting patiently for the Blue Ray release. Anyone pre-ordering the movie? I got it at AmiAmi.. XD
10 years ago
fama226 Micronize me
KinoshintaHello everyone! Just introducing myself in this post. I'm a huge Macross fan! Like really huge lol as I love more than just Frontier and the other series in the franchise like the Original and Macross Plus. I'm looking forward to talking to everyone here!

Good to have you here, and all the other recently new members for that matter! Feel free to speak out on any Macross related topics you desire!
10 years ago
Hello everyone! Just introducing myself in this post. I'm a huge Macross fan! Like really huge lol as I love more than just Frontier and the other series in the franchise like the Original and Macross Plus. I'm looking forward to talking to everyone here!
10 years ago
Goodness gracious. I DIED when Yoko Kanno walked on the stage. I was like OMFG! Also, Megumi singing Ninjin loves you ya! gave me diabetes XD and and the verse she sang in English, squeeeeee so FRICKING CUTE.
I got Megumi's autograph on the base of my Nyan Nyan Ranka figure. I ended up getting May'n autograph for a friend :) May'n actually knew some pretty good English! She was fun XD.
Megumi was VERY VERY difficult to get an autograph from. Even a good bit of people who had tickets for autographs didn't get one >_< I was one of the last people to make it on Saturday. I really REALLY hope the ones who didn't get the chance to see her Saturday caught her on Sunday. >_< Another Ranka cosplayer (who was completely adorable) started crying when they told her she couldn't see her T^T
10 years ago
Special guest was Yoko Kanno. The Concert was AWESOME. It was much better than the AKB48 concert. I did get May'n autograph. Megumi i couldn't get as i was getting Yui Horie/Eri Kitamura thus couldn't go to Megumi's panel to get autograph ticket for priority. ><


My loots
10 years ago