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Kono Lolicon Domome! ❗
Yuuka_KazamiYuuka_Kazami12 years ago

Welcome to the oldest MFC loli (ロリ) appreciation club! Luckily the 2D lolis will never grow old!
This group is for those who especially love them young (幼い), smooth (すべすべ) and flat (つるぺた).
There will be a few users here who share enthusiasm for loli figures/material; so this group is for you people!
If you dare to join, be prepared to feel embarrassed and get frowned upon. The odd feeling will go away eventually as fetishes/complexes are not uncommon here on MFC.

(c)弟君 (Otoutogimi)

The meme character is Beako (ベア子) (and Backbeard).
Be damned for joining this club, hehe. Don't forget to subscribe to any interesting topic.


(precaution to not accidentally break a MFC rule)

Being an MFC group, this club is primarily here to discuss loli figures, as that's what this site is for. This doesn't prohibit users from talking about other loli materials; but keep in mind where you are. Detailed talk about doujinshi or eromanga can be discussed via profile comments or PMs. Do not reference explicit/illegal material publicly here. A title should suffice.

Links to any loli entry are fine, perhaps just not all items that have the loli tag since that'd be like 2.5k+ items. Easy-access links to loli tagged items are below. Feel free to post/discuss new figures as they are announced.

Asking to join may not be enough. Perhaps you need to be referred to, make some comment, have some nice collection pieces, have an interesting user page... You will be watched.

(c)とろてい (Torotei)

Some handy shortcuts:

- Linked figures - (best figures?)
- All (tagged) loli figures - by release date
- All (tagged) loli figures - by addition date
- loli characters - by date
- loli characters - by popularity
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Comments434 comments

Is this where you ask for invites? I'd really like to join, please
I only have one figure pre-ordered I'm mostly a tapestries person
6 days ago
Is this where you ask for invites? I'd really like to join, please
I only have one figure pre-ordered I'm mostly a tapestries person
Did it just send twice.....?
6 days ago
i'd like an invite
16 days ago
Invite this old dirty otaku boomer..man thing please.
17 days ago
I'd love an invite!
24 days ago
XxEmoFalconxX I got lolis in my DMs >:3
Hi guys. ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡
If you're interested, I made a Lolicon Discord Server. It's similar to this club's format and mfc. DM me if you wanna join. I don't wanna drop the invite link here, where ANYONE can see it--aka the haters and animecore/etc people.

The reason for making the server is to have a place where loli lovers can feel safe being around other lolicons. So far it's a small lolicon community. I'm pretty sure you guys know that lolicon is frowned upon at almost every social media platform. Even talking about it will turn heads and start arguments. But again, everyone in the server is like-minded and friendly.
Hope to see you there!(≧◡≦) ♡

26 days ago
Hi, I'd like to request to join. Is just owning some loli figures enough to get in? I have a fairly decent amount.
1 month ago
also can i have an invite please :3
1 month ago
ITEM #924742

It's a crime this hasn't been added. ^_-
1 month ago