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Katsura Hinagiku Fan Club
-OJ--OJ-8 years ago

The club is dedicated to Katsura Hinagiku (桂 ヒナギク) from the anime/manga series "Hayate no Gotoku"!

She is the current student council president, captain of the kendo club, and an unofficial school idol who garners fans from both genders at Hakuou Academy!

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I wish they would release new figures instead of repainting the older ones
ITEM #153009
ITEM #153010
ITEM #145432
ITEM #145431

Kotobikuya as well
ITEM #149274

I generally like stipes but the pink bikini suits Hina much better :P
7 years ago
Go to www.internationalsaimoe.com/voting/
and support Hina to win the tiara!
7 years ago
Thanks for the invite OJ. Also, Happy Birthday Hinagiku <3
7 years ago
I agree, the new daki is ugly, just like the new anime season :/ The last hope is that the manga will keep it's level.
7 years ago
New Hina daki
ITEM #129766
ITEM #129768

Damn ugly, if you ask me :/
They really butchered the art for the new season
7 years ago
I just hope it will be better than the previous movie, which was also anime-original content, and it was barely average.
(And not just b/c there were hardly any Hina-moments in it XD)
8 years ago
Well, i believe that anime-original content can also be awesome if it's well-written, and hope that Hata-sensei will bring us a great surprise. Significant part of the 1st season was anime-original, and it had some flaws, but i still enjoyed it way more than the 2nd season. What i'm seriously worried about is the character design...
8 years ago
The author confirmed that the new anime isn't actually the third season.
8 years ago
The only thing I'm worried about that the whole season will be entirely anime-original content. It's written by the mangaka, but still...
8 years ago
I really hope Manglobe will do a lovable character design. I'm yet to watch to movie, but from what i've seen from it i can tell that for example Hayate looks way too childish. First season was the best in my opinion.
8 years ago