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maximimonmaximimon7 years agoMisc






Welcome fans of Accel World , if you love the novels , manga , anime or the upcoming videogame this is your place!! ^^
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Favorite Character?

  • 4%Arita Haruyuki
  • 69%Kuroyukihime
  • 4%Takumu Mayuzumi
  • 4%Chiyuri Kurashima
  • 15%Yuniko Kōzuki
  • 0%Fuuko Kurasaki
  • 4%Ash Roller
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Comments23 comments

Daipyon Erina is my waifu!
Can't wait for the 2nd season ^^
6 years ago
Raithos Stagnant
They have everything they need to make a second season and more after that, they still need to introduce the rest of the kings and have all of those battles within their respective legions and they need to pan out and explain all the sub characters like Aqua current and Blood Leopard etc. They also need to have someone reach level 10 and meet the games designer and we have to find out about Kuroyukihime's past. There is simply too much material present for them to not make a second or even third season so I can rest assured that this will continue. Plus since this series supposed predecessor (sword art online) just finished, rumor has it now is the time for season 2 to arrive so fingers crossed people!
6 years ago
maximimon The New Shadow Emperor
ah watched last episode last night it was great , hopefully we will get a second season, for now this anime has been a great ride i enjoyed it a lot and it became an instant favorite for me.
7 years ago
Ah, what a fitting end to an annoying story arc! Noumi is irritating as heck, glad that was over.

The final scene of the series was very well done, and background music was perfect!
Am hoping there's a 2nd season, there's still more to explore in the story and characters. Otherwise, it was a good ride until it lasted.
7 years ago
Sad to see it end, really. I really liked this show. And my favourite shows never get second seasons, so I'm not getting my hopes up.

At least we get plenty of figures out of it. Let's hope Furyu doesn't mess up their Yuniko, cause I like the concept they're going with.
7 years ago
And season 1 of Accel World is finished... hopefully there will be a season 2, along with more figures to go with this great series.

related to EP 24
View spoilerHide spoilerAt least Chiyu kinda made up for herself on that last episode, now I wouldn't mind if they made her dual avatar.
7 years ago
maximimon The New Shadow Emperor
kilani (7 years ago) #1115237@maximimon Talking DVD/BD sales, goods & figure sales won't determine new seasons. D;

all im saying is it may help and like i said the final decision comes from the studio , neither i or other fan wont change that , im well aware of that -_- , in the end we can't predict the world of anime and that's a fact .
7 years ago
kilani Sayaka Rank
@maximimon Talking DVD/BD sales, goods & figure sales won't determine new seasons. D;
7 years ago
maximimon The New Shadow Emperor
meteorstormed (7 years ago) #1108012Yeah, second seasons require reeeeaaally good sales, and I don't think we got that at all. You never know, sure, but I think this is it for now.

as someone who is buying a lot of AW stuff i can tell sales are doing great -_- cant find some items available, plus if you manage to sell 4 figmas with one season that's something ,plus the upcoming videogame should help i believe , i mean there are animes that got second seasona and dont have lots of figures, lest best sellers like Working! , it got more of their figures after season 2 was confirmed , in the end its the studio's choice , they can go wise and make more or pull a TOEI animation and make a SS omega move ( suicide) , hopefully there will be more i have done my share ordering lots of Kuroyukihime stuff and all the AW figmas XD
7 years ago
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