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Figure Photo Challenge
warazashiwarazashi11 years ago
Welcome to the Figure Photo Challenge club.

Although this event is primarily run out of the Google+ Figure Photography Community, I thought it would be nice to have it run here as well so that people can participate however they see fit.

The way this works is that every week there will be a challenge issued. You're welcome to interpret the challenge in whatever manner you like, excuses are always welcome so long as you can explain why and how it could be relevant to the challenge!

The only requirement is to take your photo and post it to the Figure Photography Community on Google+ under the #figurephotochallenge section.

You're also welcome to post a link to your submission as a reply to the weekly post that goes up in this club. Just let me know :).

Or if you really want, just post it where ever you like with the #figurephotochallenge tag, but be sure to let me know so I can count it in as part of the week's submissions.

Easy enough right? :)

Thanks and have fun!

P.S.: If you're on Google+ already and want to be notified of events and postings like this, feel free to follow this collection and turn on notifications.
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Has the group managed to find a new place to host the figure photo challenge after Google+ got sent to the Google graveyard?
3 years ago
hi, kow anyone selling a black gold saw tv animation version figma id live to buy one :D
7 years ago
dead9 years ago#2241278Can i post my home made figure ? Haha..

There's actually a group for that over here: goo.gl/8ygdI
9 years ago
Can i post my home made figure ? Haha..
9 years ago




11 years ago
9 years ago
2 years ago
1 year ago
3 months ago

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