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Elven Love
TaralenTaralen9 years ago
Do you love elves? Do you love ELF FIGURES? Then this is the club for you.

This club is exclusively for elves or elf-like characters ONLY.
Characters with pointy ears but with no elf-like qualities or who are not canonically elves are not allowed.

Half elves, dark elves, or any variation of something Elf-like is allowed.

Demons and other creatures with pointed ears but with no elf-like qualities are not allowed and should not be confused with Elf characters.
Examples: Succubi, Vampires, etc.
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Just joined the club. Glad to meet other elf hunters. My main quarry are the Elf Mura figgys by Vertex, but I diversify with others as I come across them. Nice to meet you all.
2 months ago
ENTRY #199906

He is somewhere between an elf and a fairy, but it checks out
4 months ago
Melian8 months ago#102928298Every day I imagine elf hunk figures...
Someday Celtic Guardian will get a proper scale figure I'm sure :p
4 months ago
Every day I imagine elf hunk figures...
8 months ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Chloe-tsundere8 years ago#2161810ENCYCLOPEDIA #64636
Another new elf :D

She got a fig by now so feel free to add... If you consider her elf.

Also ciri from the witcher has elven blood in her but she doesn't resemble an elf. Does she count? Then feel free to add
ENTRY #95009
1 year ago
Nice Elve.
ITEM #806234
2 years ago
darkfader cutie collector
I have a thing for small breasted elves.
2 years ago
Mylene Artoria Ruler
Hi everyone, just join the club, have a wonderful day everyone
2 years ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
3 years ago