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Garage Kit Love!!!Garage Kit Love!!!

Garage Kit Love!!!
This club was made as a place for all GK lovers to come together and share their love of the hobby!!

It doesn't matter if you paint your own kits (although that would be a bonus), you just need to have an understanding of the resin kit scene and an interest in the kits either prepainted or not.

- Need advice or help with a painting a particular kit?
- Want help with trying to track down a kit you saw in the wonderfestival coverage?
- Want to just shout "DO WANT" at the top of your voice and show new, unreleased kits to like-minded members?
- Want other members to see your works and offer praise and advice?

Here's where you can do it! Let's show others that there is more to figure collecting than "unbox and photoshoot!!!"


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Sekhmet Killing Stalking
I was hoping someone could help me with a kit I just bought recently. When I received the kit from mandarake, much to my surprise, it was already painted. Looking at the instructions it says the color was molded with the resin. I had no idea this was a practice so I was pretty thrown by it. Is it ok to just go ahead and proceed as normal with the kit since I want to recolor it? Do I still need to wash the kit with a degreaser? Can I just go ahead and spray it with primer and then color like normal? I’m scared I’ll ruin it lol
5 days ago
Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
Any GK painters/builders in Australia?
1 month ago
sacred415 (4 months ago) #30988900Can anyone familiar with Country Girl GK confirm if this is an original or recast?
Also would anyone be willing to paint this for me?
Thank you,

Mandarake doesn't sell recasts, hence why this is an original
4 months ago
Can anyone familiar with Country Girl GK confirm if this is an original or recast?


Also would anyone be willing to paint this for me?

Thank you,
4 months ago
I have a Question about FG-site, I use to be able to access the site but all i get is an error massage now does anyone know why? since its related to garage kits i feel like this is the best place to ask if not I apologize if this is out of place. thank you for your responses ahead of time.
5 months ago
Greetings. I have a gk it like to get painted. If anyone is interested pls pm me.

ITEM #209538
6 months ago
Bid on and won two auctions on some old G-Port garage kits on YahooAuc (Japan). One I got dirt cheap and the other I had to put up with a minor bidding war. I gave up bidding on another kit once the price hit the original retail price.
7 months ago
I'm just gonna throw this out there, if it's against some rule I'm unaware of, please feel free to delete.

Since this club is pretty much inactive, I wanted to extend an invitation to join a dedicated gk group on facebook.

Basically, it's all anime (no robots or western kits)
the group is looking for active members, lurkers need not apply.
If you're against recasts, is best if you don't apply, the topic is widely accepted between members.

the group is called "Anime GK figures"

If you apply to join, the mods will send out a pm to make sure you're not a spammer, so please be sure to reply back.
10 months ago
I'm collecting thoughts through the communities I know has gk enthusiasts, so if you can please cast your vote in this straw poll, it will help greatly. www.strawpoll.m...
11 months ago
Hello guys, does somebody have experience with modifying garage kits? I bought ITEM #23130 and thought about giving her a simple dress. Through google I found Miliput and Apoxie as possible options. But I'm not sure if they are suitable for something like that. Thanks in advance! ^^
1 year ago
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