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Garage Kit Love!!!
gundamjehutykaigundamjehutykai12 years ago
This club was made as a place for all GK lovers to come together and share their love of the hobby!!

It doesn't matter if you paint your own kits (although that would be a bonus), you just need to have an understanding of the resin kit scene and an interest in the kits either prepainted or not.

- Need advice or help with a painting a particular kit?
- Want help with trying to track down a kit you saw in the wonderfestival coverage?
- Want to just shout "DO WANT" at the top of your voice and show new, unreleased kits to like-minded members?
- Want other members to see your works and offer praise and advice?

Here's where you can do it! Let's show others that there is more to figure collecting than "unbox and photoshoot!!!"


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Hello! I got this garage kit for E2046 a while back and am looking for a painter to commission. I would prefer someone from north America since shipping can get quite pricy. Please PM me on here or my Instagram for a quicker response @vampire_c0w with pictures from your portfolio and prices! thank you, have a great day Still Looking!

1 month ago
I recently bought Item #118326 and was looking for a garage kit painter preferably within North America. Please pm me, thanks!
3 months ago
I know this maybe shooting the moon in the morning with a blindfold over my eyes, but I really would love to get my hands on the GK of Shimakaze from Warship girl R.

3 months ago
I'm not exactly sure how clubs work on MFC, so forgive me for not knowing what I'm doing haha. I'm looking for this Astolfo ITEM #783314 for sale pre-painted, does anyone have one or have any leads on how to get one?
If not, is there anyone here who's open to take a commission to paint one?
Thank you!
8 months ago
I started building an original kit by e2046, called "Dark Elf". She will have enhanced boobs.

1 year ago
For anybody who's interested, a new sub reddit just opened exclusively for anime gks, it's r/garagekits

This group has been really silent for a while, so I just wanted to extend an invitation to anybody that wants to join for help, share their work and just talk about gks in general. :3

There's also a facebook group that's really active also but not sure if anybody is interested in joining there.
1 year ago
Hey guys I'm about to buy my first GK and I have no experience and looking for some advice. So in regards to paint is there some recommendations on what types of paint is best used and also like paint tools. Do I need like air brushes, stencils or anything fancy or just some standard paint brushes?
1 year ago
cthugha cute girl enjoyer
hello! i am in desperate need of someone to commission to paint a cardcaptor sakura garage kit (ITEM #549174) for me, like how it's painted in the picture. if any of you have any prior experience and proof of painting other people's kits, please let me know. this kit is one of my dreamies and i need to know before i order it. i'm in the united states and would like to only ship within the U.S. please contact me if you think you're up to the task and let me know what your prices are!
2 years ago
Are there any experienced GK painters in the Netherlands or close by? I have a Gilgamesh garage kit from Grizzry Panda. But I have no experience or knowledge.
2 years ago
Gabmag103 years ago#33703858Any GK painters/builders in Australia?

Me :D
2 years ago
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