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Shota ♥  Love
HSkeletonHSkeleton6 years agoMisc
http://i.imgur.com/vOWhx3O.gifWelcome to Shota ♥ Love! http://i.imgur.com/vOWhx3O.gif
This is the new shota club in place the 'Shota lovers' club being the only admin was terminated. Feel free to join and pitch in, all shota fans are welcome!

What is shota? Shota is a slang term derived from the term 'shotacon', and is most commonly used when referring to young boys in anime with charm and innocence to them. Shotacon is the term used to describe a person's attraction toward shota. While the term is also used in the yaoi community, it does not necessarily depict pornography.

1/26/16 Currently, the boy in our userpic is Rana from Queen's Blade (people who know me knew it was only a matter of time!).

Submission Rules and Guidelines:
‣  Shota must be present and represented clearly (yes: ITEM #55998 no: ITEM #59189)

‣  Please don't go overboard on items of one character. It's pointless to link all merchandise of one character to the club when it's much easier for someone to search their name rather then dig through the club's database. Being said, let's try and stick to the items that have aspects that appeal to shota fans such as fanservice or general cuteness/charm to them.

‣  Age does not matter here instead, let's stick to characters that have a shota body type and appeal. As by definition shota is just a term for youthful boys, and does not always apply those who are prepubescent. These are examples of what is accepted (appearance wise): ITEM #109859 ITEM #331564 ITEM #42062.

‣  General males in chibi form (ex: nendoroids) are not accepted. Chibis always make a character look youthful, here we stick to the original character's design when it comes to judging. For example this is not accepted ITEM #1544 but this is ITEM #7993, because the character is a shota. There are acceptations to this rule, that is characters represented in child form such as ITEM #103783 are welcome.

‣  Personal shota artwork is welcome but please keep nudity to a moderate level. Artistic nude, playful nudity and suggestive nudity is okay but no sexually explicit art, such as yaoi (masturbation, penetration, semen, etc).

‣  Request items or characters to be linked to the club in the comments section or you may contact the club creator HSkeleton.

If you have any questions on the rules please leave a comment or contact HSkeleton.
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freezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
2 months ago
freezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
3 months ago
FelixDied (9 months ago) #31284294ITEM #322367
ITEM #323776

Added all of your links, thanks! That Simon GK is so good.
9 months ago
ENCYCLOPEDIA #37881 he's 17 thats totally close enough
2 years ago
Did anyone mentioned him already?
ITEM #331505
2 years ago

Hotarumaru is love.
2 years ago
nothing is better than an angel shota wearing short tights aka. Pit <3

oh and also link xD
3 years ago
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!




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