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We ♥ NendoroidsWe ♥ Nendoroids

We ♥ Nendoroids
Sakura-MikuSakura-Miku5 years agoMisc
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I don't expect to get any replies back but since this is my first club I have joined I might as well put something down. I am a big fan of Nendoroids I have over 20 in my collection majority of which are all Kantai which I have all of them that I know of and I pre order every single new one far in advance right when I get the chance. So that's all I have to say I don't mind chatting about Nendoroids so if anyone wants to message me please do.
3 years ago
Hello. I love Nendoroids too and have many in my collection :D
5 years ago
Welcome! ^O^ ~
5 years ago