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There is still many items and pictures I must add to the club. You do not have to tell me what I missed. I will be adding everything in time. I will also make some forum questions as well. Thank you!



Otherwise known as Oh! My Goddess, ああっ女神さまっ and Ā Megami-sama.
The author and artist for the manga is Kosuke Fujishima.


A young man named Keiichi Morisato accidentally dials the wrong number- thinking he was ordering food- and calls the Goddess Technical Help Line. A goddess by the name of Belldandy appears and grants him one wish. Keiichi, thinking this was all a joke played by his roommates, wishes that she would stay with him as his girlfriend forever. After being kicked out of his dorm, Keiichi now lives with Belldandy and her two sisters- Urd and Skuld- in an abandoned temple.
Many complications arise which the couple has to plow through inorder to stay together.
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Anyone wanna take over this club and add the rest of what is missing for related items? I'm not at all very active on MFC now, so any help would be wonderful to keep this club alive and well! Just PM me and I'll make you a mod if you'd desire it. I'll only take a max number of 2 mods.
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Hello hello! :D Ive read up to volume 28 and I eager to read 29th. :)
6 years ago
Love My Goddess
6 years ago
Sigh I love this series soo damn much
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