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aeonblueaeonblue8 years ago


All fans of the Danganronpa series are invited to join this most splendid and glorious club of absolute despair! We hope that your time here at the Danganronpa Club will be among your best memories and experience before you head out into the future for guaranteed success. Filled with despair, of course.

Best regards,

Your Headmaster.
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Note to readers/members regarding spoilers:
  • Beware of spoilers! As a fan club there will obviously be plenty so tread carefully if you haven't caught up with the series.
  • For club room comments: Please be sure to place any content which may spoil major parts of the series in spoiler tags (I'll show you just in case) [spoiler]Monokuma is a bear![/spoiler]
  • For forums: Go ahead and use the forums to your hearts' content! Spoilers don't need to be tagged here so be careful when reading.
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Most loved character? (Last name then first name)

7%Togami Byakuya
9%Kirigiri Kyouko
3%Naegi Makoto
6%Fukawa Touko
5%Fujisaki Chihiro
1%Oowada Mondo
1%Hagakure Yasuhiro
3%Tanaka Gundam
3%Ikusaba Mukuro
1%Sonia Nevermind
2%Tsumiki Mikan
2%Maizono Sayaka
7%Nanami Chiaki
3%Asahina Aoi
2%Souda Kazuichi
17%Komaeda Nagito
0%Pekoyama Peko
1%Kuwata Leon
3%Ishimaru Kiyotaka
5%Enoshima Junko
1%Oogami Sakura
1%Celestia Ludenburg
0%Saionji Hiyoko
2%Hinata Hajime
3%Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko
1%Genocider Syo
3%Ibuki Mioda
1%Mahiru Koizumi
1%Naegi Komaru
0%Kamukura Izuru
0%Yasuke Matsuda
0%Matsuda Yasuke
0%Twogami Byakuya
1%Akamatsu Kaede
1%Shinguuji Korekiyo
0%Saihara Shuichi
0%Maki Hurukawa
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22 days ago
If you want to see your fave Danganronpa characters made into Nendoroids (or other figures if you prefer) make a suggestion to Good Smile Company!


I think the more suggestions we send in, they will notice that Danganronpa is still very profitable!
1 year ago
Don't mind me, I'm just showing this everywhere I can because I made it.

4 years ago
DANGANRONPA V3 ndjklkqufrkfnwdifghqwopf I'M SO HYPED AND PATIENT for the english version... soon soon soon upupupu, who's your fav so far? lovin' Kaede, Maki, Rantarou, Shuuichi(?)and Kiibo!
4 years ago
aeonblue Mother Of Derp
Long time no post! I've updated the spoiler rules a bit (check the club room page) but nothing too drastic. Let's discuss DR3! club/994/discus...
4 years ago
Ekkusu-sama5 years ago#6470462Hey guys, GSC open a nendoroid survey for choose the next nendoroid.
I already vote for a Kirigiri Kyouko Nendoroid.
please vote for her >w<

uuhh, i wish i didn't missed that! i hope they'll do a Kirigiri nendoroid!

I would kill for an Asahina nendo (even when i prefeer figmas, haha)
4 years ago
Hey guys, GSC open a nendoroid survey for choose the next nendoroid.
I already vote for a Kirigiri Kyouko Nendoroid.
please vote for her >w<
5 years ago
aeonblue Mother Of Derp
Miau5 years ago#6043015You can add this to the club!
ITEM #389997
ITEM #389993
ITEM #390002
ITEM #389998

Thanks, linked! I just mass linked a bunch of stuff too. Been so behind on that haha.
5 years ago
KuroUchiha5 years ago#5453205They actually wanted to do an adaptation of sdr2 but decided not to, which makes me a little sad because I wanted to see the events of the game animated, not because I thought it'd be good or something lol.
I'm still curious to see how the anime will turn out.
Who knows maybe they'll tell us what happened to the survivors of sdr2, hopefully.
View spoilerHide spoilerMaybe komaeda is okay!! (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

See, for me I don't even like how the anime style looks. (I didn't like the 2d cutscenes in dr:ae either…) so even if it's totally selfish, I'm happy they're not doing that to my favorite game LOL orz… Maybe if everything was in that 2.5d style. That'd be really cool.
They really seem to favor the characters in the first game and I really like how sdr2 ended so I'm soo conflicted idk what I want or expect from this anime I just hope whatever they do is good.
View spoilerHide spoilerAlso Komaeda being awake and safe would be nice ( º﹏º。 ) I want all my favorite pairs reunited lol…
5 years ago