21 minutes agonemesis95nemesis95
ratsmah (3 hours ago) #24817180It's now officially delayed to september.

:( ... what are they doing with her ?
21 minutes agokaanonkaanon
Selling Mine atm , Feel free to check my shop for more information ;)
21 minutes agokaanonkaanon
Selling Mine atm , Feel free to check my shop for more information ;)
22 minutes agoYanderechiiYanderechii
Maakie (5 hours ago) #24815577.I'll add you as a mod :p
I'm not sure if it would be better to ask a MFC MOD or ADM? Perhaps the Question and answers club. I haven't seen anyone talk about this, also I've found that I can't link pictures to clubs anymore.. ._. weird. Maybe it's just a problem on Mobile? I'll try on a pc when I get the chance.
33 minutes agoPanchitoMattePanchitoMatte
LiaLove (16 hours ago) #24804257How many time takes GSC to show their prototypes? I want to see her!
¡Me parece como por siempre! (You speak Spanish, right?)
35 minutes agoLepetit89Lepetit89 The Running Library
ffenris (6 hours ago) #24814828From what I can see on Toranoana, this seems to be a series of 3: Strength And ([ext link ]), then Strength And: II ([ext link ]), Strength And: End ([ext link ]). So not a duplicate, ney's edit should be reverted.

Ah, thanks for the links; seems like there really are differences between the two editions, at least a few pages according to the description.

Anyway, thanks again, both of you!
41 minutes agoPlasticomPlasticom
In the attic.
42 minutes agoKuromiiKuromii Haikyuu nerdlord
Royalmail can kiss my arse. Manda undervalues if you tell them what to value it as in the comments section before checkout (Sahra doesn't though), and there's always proxy services which will undervalue.

I wouldn't mind all that much if I was just asked to pay the VAT since most shops in Japan don't charge foreign customers their 8% VAT, but fuck the royalmail's handling charge. Money grabbing theives.
45 minutes agoOse_93Ose_93
I have a square chest in the living room that is used as a side table. It's really cute and serves for hiding figures as well.

I also had a chest that I added legs to that I used as a coffee table for a while. I have since gotten a table, but only because I thought it was cute. The chest as a coffee table looked nice as well and it served to hide figure boxes, too.

If you don't want to incorporate hiding places into your interior design (though I swear, I didn't do so purposefully XD) there is always under your bed or in your garage. I'd just think about the type of weather in your location before storing in the garage. If it gets extremely hot in there then it might affect the glue that's used for nendoroid windows, for instance.
53 minutes agoChrisiChrisi
Selling her 50 Euro price include shipping and pp fees
55 minutes agoChrisiChrisi
Chrisi (14 days ago) #24262979selling
Figma Black rock shooter
Figma black rock shooter game ver
figma strength
figma black gold saw.
Figma Insane Black rock shooter and bluray
Pm if interested

selling for 65 euro including shipping and pp fees
56 minutes agoleahemilylarkin1leahemilylarkin1
I never claimed they would be better. I just said I'd like to watch it.

Also Henry the 8th is far from generic. I also do not support what he stood for, I just find the story interesting. dymitr (1 hour ago) #24819888I highly doubt that western shows get better when animified.
Adaptions usually deminish the quality in comparison to the orginal, because they don't hold the same spirit.
Also, the tudors...I doubt a show about a generic british noble family, could be any good as an anime, unless they turn it in a comedy,completely making fun of everything they stood for.
1 hour agoChrisiChrisi
Chrisi (14 days ago) #24262891Figma Black rock shooter
Figma black rock shooter game ver
figma strength
figma black gold saw.

selling her 65 euro including shipping and pp fees
1 hour agoChrisiChrisi
selling PM if interested Chrisi (1 day ago) #24762731SELLING FOR 50 euro including shipping and fees I have also figma Black gold saw, insabe BRS plus bluray, BRS figma, Game BRS Figma
1 hour agoValestein3Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
That price for a 1/7 scale is beautiful! *_* Less than 10,000 yen. Barely! haha

Man, GSC is REALLY twisting my arm here. I'm trying to cut back, and they tempt me with gorgeous and affordable Saekono bikini statues. And one with my favorite character too.

**** it, let's PO this! I love the subdued purple of her bikini and the way her breasts slightly droop. I know it sounds weird but that little bit of realism can go a long way.
1 hour agoAkibaMelonAkibaMelon
Yatta_ (1 hour ago) #24820268Wow she is in France already, it took 3 days in Sal Reg soo fast NY this time :O

Wow thats amazing :o Congrats to getting her soon :D

I think the problem is the Transi-Logistic shipping method that takes so long. Another figure from NY I'm waiting for released on July 25th, still nowhere in sight here unfortunately T_T
1 hour agoalazif03alazif03
lightningmaid (7 hours ago) #24813849It's my first order with BiJ, but I didn't receive any invoice yet.

Maybe you should send them an e-mail. But if your order is still valid in your account, I guess there's no problem.
1 hour agoYatta_Yatta_ Migeru
AkibaMelon (19 hours ago) #24793675Same here :D But lately NY takes so long shipping my figs that I don't expect her to arrive too fast :'D

Wow she is in France already, it took 3 days in Sal Reg soo fast NY this time :O

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