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1 hour agopretensepretense
solluxcaptor (3 days ago) #29752775Oh man, Hetalia takes me back! The merch you got is really nice :D Canada was always one of my favourites.
Canada is a sweetheart~ I love him so much I want more merch of him~

kasumicc (3 days ago) #29753228Lovely collection! :D You have many items that I'm still missing (such as the Aitai Kuji stuff >>) I also got Arte Stella this year, I grabbed the whole set for a ridiculous price.
I did grab the One Coin set 1 back in the day, so thanks to the re-release I grabbed set 2 which I was missing. And yes, I'm also after the Color Colle figures >>
I know, right? There's quite a lot of missing Hetalia merchandise in the database. Most notably, there's a lot of limited items missing (such as Namja Town stuff), but there are certainly many other small items, both old and new, that did get a regular release but are still missing in database.
I have added a few of them myself, but it's quite a lot of work :(

I got a bootleg set of the one coin vol.1 waaaayy back when I was a poor fan and had no access to proper avenues :") it feels very rewarding to have the legit merch now that I can afford it~ and now we're getting nendos and scales and I'm just so happy~

I can try to contribute what I can on the database since someone has kindly commented how to do so ^^

Good luck on your merch quest, friend~

tharglet (2 days ago) #29762736It is as simple as going create new entry...
If you don't have a lot of data, or just new to the process you can tick the "draft" checkbox, which enables anyone to edit the entry. Non-draft entries can only be edited by admins/mods.

Thanks for the tip~ I'll see if I can do it right :)
1 hour agoShamelessotakuShamelessotaku
Hello I really love your collection and your blog I really like how its so cute!!!
1 hour agoSilentSwordsmanSilentSwordsman
Dang! Somehow I missed this figure, and as soon as I find out about it I find that It's already getting a re-release?! It's only been about half a year!
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)Bah-RooBah-Roo
I've got no clue who she is, nor do I know the anime at all, but I hit that preorder button. It's been so long since I've impulse bought something like this. Help. I feel guilty....

HOWEVER. She is insanely cute, and I read the comments here and apparently she's a yandere??? Excellent. Also, that angry face is everything.
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)pretensepretense
Jeanne (2 days ago) #29778819Nice Hetalia collection! Its great to see that some people are still into it. We still have Hetalia Day in NYC every year and its so much fun. I hope we get some more Nendoroids soon!
I (re)joined this year's Hetalia Day in the Philippines and it was loads of fun meeting new people considering I'm returning to the community after 7-ish years :'D
I'm looking forward to Nendo England (and the rest, too) but what I'm really hoping to complete is the scale figure line from Broccoli~ I love scales more than Nendos heh

miztes (3 days ago) #29755815Hey, another person who has those huge horned acrylic keychains! I actually added those to the database to the other day when I found out that they didn't have pages. I also have mine in the packaging, same as yours, because I'm scared I'll scratch them if I take them out. I'm trying to hunt down the whole set but the prices for them are outrageous. :/
Other than that, your Hetalia collection is impressive and your boards so organised! You have some stuff I'm still looking out for the band and summer keychains and it's nice to see them arranged so neatly. Also I never knew Canada had a canaria rubber strap.... time to go hunting.

Ahh thank you~!! Those horned acrylics are such beauties I couldn't pass them up~

The Canada rubberstrap came from this set~ and it's fricken hard to find.. this is what happens when I have to backtrack most of the merch but oh well~

As for the band acrylics, I got them by searching hetalia karaoke on yahoo auctions :) Good luck hunting~
1 hour agoBah-RooBah-Roo
Oh my god, I love her. But I hate kancolle. lmao. Also, only found out about this now - totally missed the preorder period. So no idea how I'd get my hands on her :')

Is she worth it? Probably not. But she's cute as heck!!
1 hour agosarioussarious Chino is Life
According to Plum's twitter, it's scheduled for mid-December. Plus they posted a picture on Chino's birthday that had the figures in boxes, so it shouldn't be delayed.

[ext link ]
1 hour agosliusareksliusarek
Looking for Casca or Griffith. Europe.
Hit me up. ;-)
1 hour agosliusareksliusarek
Looking for Griffith or Casca. Europe.

Hit me up. ;-)
1 hour agosliusareksliusarek
The figure is heavily discounted on AmiAmi and pretty much everywhere. I do recommend you to pick it up, if you ever wanted one. 10 000 is way too much for it, but 5-6k is just fair.
1 hour agoBah-RooBah-Roo
Lol I kind of was thinking the same thing?? The bandeau style top just kind of throws the whole thing off. When I first saw this, firstly it took my breath away, bc it's gorgeous, but then secondly I kind of hated the top, lol. I started to think about how I'd change it/improve it - maybe even do some custom paintwork on it??? Not that I even know how to do that, or could be bothered, but still....

Sedge (15 hours ago) #29867883Aw, ding-dang, why are there so many figures where 70% of it is awesome, but there a couple design elements that kill the sale. The base, everything about her skirt, and her hair are amazing. That ridiculous top, though? And boa, and, to a lesser extent, the ears. Cannae do it.
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)TomTheCatTomTheCat
Moeyo previews:
Clothed: [ext link ] (NSFW depending on sensitivity)
Nude: [ext link ] (NSFW)

I must say that I really don't like those seamlines below her knees. In this big scale, and with that price tag, this should have been solved better.
1 hour agoAijihiAijihi
I would say only use the bootlegs for when you're experimenting and know you're going to mess things up. However, I would also check at your local stores, since I've seen some for under 15.
1 hour agoabsolutekentabsolutekent
ageha09 (17 days ago) #29111864selling whole set, all pieces and original box.
70$ shipping in the USA

what do you mean by whole set?
1 hour agohughjazz44hughjazz44
I want this, and I'll tell you why: They never finished the season 1 lineup of swimsuit figures and I never got an Umi in a swimsuit. I think this is about as close as I'll get. I mean, she does have blue hair.

I still want Alter to go back and finish that figure line, though. Or at least make Umi.
1 hour agonyaaliennyaalien
The only thing I can think of is maybe you airbrushing her legs a blue to match with it, but that's not great idea :/ i'd ask the company about it if I was you
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)YokoloverYokolover
I've collected POP for as long as I can remember. I even have the first wave (the one with Usopp in overalls with Chopper) and I still LOVE these figures. It's not a blind love either, I love figures of other aspects of the One Piece universe like these genderswaps (originally drawn by Oda) and the movie chibis.

It's incredibly presumptuous and stuck-up to generalize and name-call those who like this and the BB series. Not every POP collector has nihilistically thrown in the towel and jumped on the hate bandwagon. If you really do collect POP and you have one of these you know they're quality figures in their own rights.

And, let's be serious, if these "kids who want to watch boobs" really want to look at boobs then there's the internet. No one is going to pay the price of a figure just for boobs alone and if they do they usually want cast-offs. Not to mention, if you're going to pitifully call others "kids" then you yourself must be a child too.

We're all collectors here, you can be bitter, but DO NOT drag others through the mud because YOU are the one with a hang-up. Megahouse has nothing to think back on because they still make great figures. The ones who need to do some rethinking are a small, very vocal, very close-minded minority of their 'fans'.
1 hour agoBah-RooBah-Roo
Wow, this is wild. I love it hahaha
1 hour agochunnin33chunnin33
Damn that sucks, good luck finding a resolution.

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