1 hour ago (1 hour ago)El_BastardoEl_Bastardo
Falter (16 hours ago) #27476181talking about those 60ish new images that were just uploaded on here a day or two ago with all those different angles. top left corner says the original source.

I have the image stream on subscribe but I just got the e-mails with the new images today.

Thanks for clearing that up for me.

After watching the images my opinion didn't change though ^_^
Got her pre-ordered.

I am still interested what the source for that pose is.
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)skyline07skyline07
StarshipPooper (3 days ago) #27360592Did a quick inspection of her... I LOVE HER EYES
Willing to post any photos? I sadly don't get mine until end of Dec....why you do this VolksUSA.
1 hour agoTailuTailu
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)NeoVeneziaNeoVenezia
A couple of days ago I got the chance to either buy this one or the "original" for the same price (a very good deal I gotta say) and I decided to go with this version.
The hair of the first release was too light for my taste, dark purple looks way better. This is the first time I preferred the shiny over the normal one.
1 hour agoskyline07skyline07
Lysiere (5 days ago) #27279636I-I'm sorry, but I'm a little bit confused by your com' ^^; ?
StarshipPooper ordered it via VOLKS JP, and paid 14000¥ for two Dollfies + their additional outfits via EMS, it's already ~125$. So it's basically around 8000¥/~71$ for each. ~9000¥/~68€/~80$ for me since I live in Europe, according to the prices on EMS' website.
I've also paid the shipping fees of my first Dollfie around this range of price.
Or I didn't understand anything at all/missed something? Again, I'm sorry, but I just, don't see where you want to lead me on? The prices seem correct to me, from what I've already experienced :).

I apologize...I didn't realize that StarshipPooper had ordered both dollfies and outfits through Volks JP and not US. Sorry for the inconvenience.
1 hour agoSolarstormflareSolarstormflare
i need more bungou stray dogs figures aaa
1 hour agosliusareksliusarek
dmayprecure (2 months ago) #24083203They messed up on her face.
Mafex messed up her face. So far, this is the best 1/12 WW figure. Proportions, overall look, face is decent.
1 hour agosliusareksliusarek
Agon (5 months ago) #21442975No new body, just an additional sword? For real? So it's just a re-release of the old figma, but under new origins, version, and probably JAN. New level of laziness.
I like this body a lot more. I've missed out on the original figma and now it goes for about 8000 yen. Way too much. So, I am personally happy they re-release this figure.
Got mine on pre-order.
1 hour agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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1 hour agosliusareksliusarek
Wrensker (1 year ago) #13853701hope they make this before i kill myselfDeepEyes (1 month ago) #25571733Yeah, I would like a nice figure of Annie u_u (Besides the RAH... Too expensive...)
I saw Annie being sold for 60 000 yen. Crazy!
1 hour agosliusareksliusarek
Wrensker (1 year ago) #13853701hope they make this before i kill myself
Are you still alive? They're coming out in January. Hold on just a little longer...
1 hour agoLouWLouW
Yes.. awesome!
1 hour agoChibinariChibinari
Happy Birthday!
1 hour agoLouWLouW
Beautiful Picture!
1 hour agowarriorofdreamwarriorofdream
So far I can think of item #218050
this item #406200
and item #98667
1 hour agoAlminaAlmina
Sciroppo (16 hours ago) #27477349Adorable!!

Thank you!! ♡

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