2 hours ago (2 hours ago)mikki-malumikki-malu
Got my Zoro today. Anyone can tell if the figure comes with any instruction paper? Mine is second-hand and I couldn't find any instructions inside.

Well, I got lucky, bandana part fits perfectly with the faces. However, putting it all on Zoro's neck joint is a pain in the ass. What MF does when they make a figma with an extra head/hair like item #198373 or item #6422? They put joints in them. Megahouse gets f*cking creative, making a non-removable neck joint with 2 perpendicular pegs and you have to pull, push and squeeze to swap heads. Be careful guys not to break it, unlike figmas it has no replacement.
Another thing I don't like much is he can't fully straighten his legs, they look a little bent in the knees. It's not some big flaw, it's just my personal preference, I like straight legs for some poses. Also, the shoulder joint in the right arm pops out from the torso easily on my figure. Other than that he is pretty good and worth getting if you're a Zoro fan.
3 hours agoStalkingStalking Loli hunter
I work in Mandarake.
I was going to throw some papers in the trash when I saw this figure (with the booklet, still wrapped and unopened) along with item #2316 inside the trash can.
I thought they had fallen there, but it turns out they were throwing them away because "they had many in stock, and it wasn't selling"

I asked them if I would be allowed to keep them, instead of having them thrown away.
And I WAS-- allowed to buy them pff.

Saving them from that sad destiny only cost me 300jpy each lol
3 hours agoDarkdman00Darkdman00
Not in the database, but (mfc link)
made by Clayz though.
3 hours agoronnibun41ronnibun41
Definitely looking like MH is going with white T Yuri from the opening. Looking forward to seeing the rest of him and will he be gazing at Victor’s eyes or booty
3 hours agogeroticgerotic
adrikyn (4 hours ago) #27537667Yeah, I'm... Not going to pay $184 and just hope someone comes through with buying the pre-order off me, sorry. I ordered from a place where I can cancel easily, so there's no reason for me to do that. The point of cancelling is so I don't have to spend the money. I'm not sure if I'm cancelling yet, though.
At any rate, if you look up his name in the encyclopedia you'll see all his merchandise. He's had two other scale figures announced, a nendoroid, and a prize figure.

Even if you took into account the chance of me not buying it, you could always sell it since the demand for this figure is pretty big. Either way, if you actually do end up keeping the PO and want to sell it I'm up for discussion.
3 hours agodvsnttdvsntt
This is amazing.
3 hours agoLienLien
Ooohh I hope they don't ruin his face
Companies seemed to have a difficult time with Victors face so I'm kinda afraid how they will do with Yuuri

Also give him that same quality ass
3 hours ago (33 minutes ago)R_KasaharaR_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
You can subscribe to the Art Book classification ((mfc link)) and/or to individual artists as Mekuneko suggested.

As far as non-MFC resources go, Hobby Search's newsletters are great for keeping up with new and upcoming releases, and they have a couple that are specific to printed materials. You will want the "Hobby Magazine" newsletters listed here; despite the section's name, it also covers manga and artbooks.

Good luck in getting your book! Given how fast it sold out, hopefully a reprint is in the works.

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