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1 hour agoWndrenvyWndrenvy
OceanRoost (13 hours ago) #30898276This was a super interesting idea, thanks for sharing!
Love seeing all the fellow women out there collecting!

My pleasure! Really glad some people really found this interesting :)

glede (12 hours ago) #30898305I remember doing a personality test exercise like this at my overwhelmingly male workplace, and the vast majority of the people there unfortunately seemed to think it was a waste of time (myself not included, I enjoyed it a lot, and there I got ENFJ, instead of the INFJ-T that I got here, although in both cases it was a very close call between introverted and extraverted.) So it might be that males here on average lose interest once something like a personality test becomes required to answer the questions. I hope that doesn't sound sexist, I'm going by my most recent personal experience with something like this and I think everyone can learn from doing tests like these. I am happy to see that there are so many ladies into figure collecting though, it's always nice to know there is something in common you can talk about.
I do enjoy doing personality test though, as a guy. But maybe not that often since I really need to concentrate doing these questions. Its like, you are forced to think of things that you take for granted, for example, when I read the question of whether I am practical or creative I was like, WHICH ONE AM I??! I took some time to choose really. Its kinda fun xD

BlazeDazzleDusk (10 hours ago) #30898375I got INFJ The Advocate.StarFruit (8 hours ago) #30898414I'm an INFJ too~
Hi five people!

solluxcaptor (5 hours ago) #30898495I think it's interesting but not surprising that all of the most common personality types are introvert types. I guess not many extroverts get into collecting, since it's a very solitary hobby.
Indeed. Well, usually the hobbies that use the word "collecting" are solitary ones, so theres no surprise. Unless you are collecting trading cards.. in which you can battle people xD Maybe thats not so solitary anymore.
1 hour agochipmunkchenchipmunkchen
Ja und wie, es schneit seit heute morgen :/
1 hour agoastarte952astarte952
after aqua, beat, beauty, diamond, mermaid i had a new blue favorite.
1 hour agoastarte952astarte952
ist bei euch schon alles zugeschneit? hier soll es morgen richtig losgehen.
1 hour agokayochinkayochin
At least she dropped in value so much that I can afford to buy her someday (*´-`)
1 hour agoastarte952astarte952
prüfungen für schule, ausbildung oder studium?
1 hour agoKaneelKaneel on Ice
The_Collector (1 day ago) #30897467I hope she comes with the extra parts.

According to the latest japanese info post she will [ext link ]
1 hour agoastarte952astarte952
habe nachträglich zu weihnachten manga serie velvet kiss bekommen und zum geburtstag für ps4 secret of mana als orginal das kommt aber erst zum 15 februar.
1 hour agoFallen-CloudFallen-Cloud
NWW_Station (6 hours ago) #30898459In my case, usunnaly, if select "Trans Logic" and paid VAT with order, your status visible for ~1 week. But after that, I get package after 6-9 working days.

Thank you for the answer! That's exactly what I used, too. Hearing the horror stories of other people in this thread made me afraid that my order would get cancelled too. So thanks for easing my worries! =D
1 hour agogundamukgundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
HatReady (16 hours ago) #30898179Hiya!
Long time no speak, but I picked up the "Monster Scenes" that you've used in some of your photos. I was wondering if you hand any tips on painting them. I've only really ever painted on things like paper and canvas. :)

Awesome! Some of the folks who really get into garage kits here on MFC will have more professional advice, but I’d just recommend to prep while on the sprue with a primer and then use plastic model paints of the colors you want to do.

BTW what did you get? Looking forward to seeing them!
1 hour agoreversedollreversedoll
If he gets delayed I'm gonna be pisst
1 hour agoLocohotcocoaLocohotcocoa
Pyrokar91 (2 hours ago) #30899028The red one of course :)

Question two: anyone know where I can order one? Thw only place I've found them is HobbyLink but theyre out of stock in every color.
1 hour agogundamukgundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
Yfl2018 (16 hours ago) #30898174Cool, thanks! If only I could find someone selling item/317345 I would love to own it. Also don't listen to the haters in the comments, your creativity is fantastic. Japanese art is always playing with taboos!Hope you find it.

And thanks for the suppprt. Haters will be haters for sure but I am impressed with people who take offense to something they could only find by continuing to click on something they (ostensibly) dislike.

Anyway always appreciated.
1 hour agoastarte952astarte952
awesome! well done.
1 hour agoastarte952astarte952
so adorable!
1 hour agoastarte952astarte952
this is hot!
1 hour agoAzaizerAzaizer
jintz (4 months ago) #25398322What size is this?

Looks like they finally released more information on her.
She's going to be 1/4 scale.

franjandar (2 hours ago) #30899034She's pretty much full cast off, I pray fopr your wallet my dude.

LMAO you and me both! I don't think I resist to purchase this one though XD. Looks like we got updated official photos and she will be full cast off!! Awesome!

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