3 hours agoGlorious_ShowoffGlorious_Showoff
I'd say go car, mostly because it is more personalized. I'm a legend at the Sacremento conventions, but I've always had to rely on an adult to drive me there, since I'm in no position to be driving myself, especially since I failed the god damn test 3 times.
3 hours agoGlorious_ShowoffGlorious_Showoff
Thanks a lot babe!(: (: I would have tried to look longer for it myself, but I was overwhelmed, since Asuka is a really popular character! I figured I would ask you since you're more experienced with this website then I am, I only just joined after all.
3 hours agoTiamat26Tiamat26
Ah so a little birdie told me that it was your birthday so I wanted to drop in and celebrate with you. I hope that you have had a wonderful day and that this evening will be one to remember.

= )


Happy Birthday !!!!

3 hours agothreeaw1threeaw1
selling used. like new. pm for info. thanks.
3 hours agoHatchuuHatchuu ADDR:HATCHUU_TEIWAZ_MFC...
Sounds like you're primarily very self-conscious about how others will perceive you in regards to owning something like that more than anything. I think those two figures are sure, provocative in places, but it's part of the style.
That can be said for a lot of art - some is more sensual, or puritan, just because of what the artist (and you) like; and I am speaking from a classical art POV, since that's one of my research hobbies but the same applies to all art including figures. I love my NSFW figures because of their character, their quality, ect. I see a lot of parallels between what I collect/admire/draw. If anyone asks some weird questions - which I personally have not had an issue with because I am a grown individual - just tell them why you like it. Really. That passion for their sculpt, design, attributes will come out when you talk about them. If someone gets hung up on a figure not having any underwear or a bra? Tell 'em they're having an off day. We've all been there.

TL;DR: You're hardly responsible for how it looks, but only how you feel about it. So just love the things you love and don't feel ashamed, life is too short not to have the nice things on your shelf.
3 hours ago (3 hours ago)OptimalGorillaOptimalGorilla
Elphaba (6 hours ago) #24994383Uh is 5.5k kinda crazy or is it just me ????

That's just the price of figures these days sadly. He's using a brand new body mold that they can't really use for anyone else besides maybe Goten so it's really not surprising. New molds cost a ton of money to make. Honestly I'm fine with it since he comes with a good amount of accessories which a lot of figures lack these days like figma Deku who cost 6k and the only accessory he got was a webshop exclusive.
3 hours agodannymilkdannymilk
anyone selling parts? preferably her legs (or somewhere that looks similar)? PM if so
3 hours agoPVCollectorAaronPVCollectorAaron
Wait...so the fanbook one doesn't come with the crying face? The crying face is only via GSC but w/o the fan book?
4 hours agoPrettybarfPrettybarf
Prettybarf (1 month ago) #23295157If she gets delayed I'm going to punch a catupdate:I'm finally started snap from waiting
4 hours agozgayzgay
present day ,just a phone can have any entertain as pc. games ,social network ,etc.
มันเริ่มจะดีตอนไบโอห้าเนี่ยแหละผมว่า หนึ่ง สอง สามนี่ยังว่ามาเหมือนต้นฉบับ โอเคอยู่ แต่พอสี่นี่...เกิดอะไรขึ้น...
ช่วงนี้นี่ผมรู้สึกปวดหัวกับเรื่องที่ทำงานชมัด...อย่างเซ็ง...ระดับเกิดถ้าจับพลัดจับผลูถูกหวยซักสิบ ยี่สิบล้านนี่จะลาออกไปอยู่บ้านและ ๕๕๕+
4 hours agopuppincuppiepuppincuppie
does anyone know who the base comes with??
is it both? or one?
or do you have to buy the bundle to get the base/flail?
4 hours agoYosuke-HanamuraYosuke-Hanamura
Hi! It's not a problem :) aha, i'm glad someone agrees with me! phat company is a hit or miss for me, I have alot of their figures but luckily have not had any problems (Other then aniversary Ranko) I just wish they would expand their figure line :( I'm just hoping for an Asuka figure sometime in the future, shes popular enough and one of the only cool idols to not have one so I have hopes xD esp since Dark Illuminate event (My dream came true)! I hope they make a proper Kaede scale as well! I was gonna ger her Koto figure (Jusr cause its cheap lol) :)
tsubaki24 (6 hours ago) #24994809Hi This is in regards to Phat's newest Mika scale, I didn't want to comment on her page since it would be irrelevant.
I'm in the same boat as you, but for Kaede xD!! I've been waiting for more Kaede figures especially gk item #333069 be picked up. Nonetheless, the new one was the unidolized form from Phat item #609287. Not my preferred company since Fumika didn't look good, but their first Mika did! (Gifted it to my bf since he doesn't buy scales but loves Mika. Actually breaking his rule and planning on buying this one!).
Anyway, I'm lucky a different company picked her up other than Wave. Not to mention, this was a gk. My thinking is if Phat does a great job, maybe Good Smile or even Max Factory might make their own Kaede. Dream scale would be by Alter, but all of them are wishful thinking. Until then, I will take what I can get of my waifu- still waiting on her figma and nendo :T Sorry this was long, just wanted to let you know you weren't alone ^^'
4 hours agoFrioFrio
Do they ship to Canada?djrubbie (6 hours ago) #24993901Pretty sure that is exclusive to Dengeki ([ext link ] listed this as レム&ラム 電撃スペシャルセット (Rem & Ram Dengeki special set), and note that ※電撃屋限定販売です。 (Sold exclusively by Degekiya)), so barring the usual resellers somehow picking it up, the only place I know that the complete set can be ordered is through Dengekiya [ext link ]
4 hours agoxCommandoxCommando
Sweet setup! I really wish I could've had my shelves like that because being able to walk a behind and see from all angles seems so cool!
4 hours agoPrettybarfPrettybarf
I go to the sculptor's page and his image is him doing the same pose, I'm so done
4 hours agopianokidpianokid
One on AmiAmi for 21,280 JPY, but it's a gamble at Item C/Box C. [ext link ]
4 hours agoazusamukamiazusamukami
Wtf.... Alter...you guys need to stop with all these ridiculous prices... ill pass.

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