6 hours agoMaakieMaakie
Smarter (2 days ago) #27451464Technically, you can use any box, but you have to wrap it up in white cloth and use permanent marker to write address on it.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://electro-shema.ru/images/konechii-rezultat.jpg

That is...quite an interesting 'hack', but still strange. xD
6 hours agochiyuunchiyuun GRADUATION FROM LIE
Miaeka (2 days ago) #27464005Holy crap where can I find them (´•Ω•)
i got both from suruga-ya, but i've also seen them being sold on yj!a too! luckily they're pretty cheap as well so it's really easy to get them!!

kranberrijam (2 days ago) #27465228Wonderful collection! I really like the shirts, wish I could get some for myself.
tysm !!! you definitely should get the shirts,
they're really comfortable and soft !

Camicao (1 day ago) #27485099I love your collection aww I'm gonna listen to her now :3
thank you ! <3 listening to teto is a lovely idea! and i can really recommend listening to her everyday, heh~
6 hours agoNWW_StationNWW_Station
Anyone know this company? It's a very good quality? On pictures looks great.
6 hours agoSpookyTamaSpookyTama
There are some obvious differences in the prototype and the released product. But I think she's still decently cute, and is better than most of what UC tends to release. (Let's be honest, a lot of their stuff is ... less than stellar)

Is it perfect? No. I'm a little peeved I paid what I did but she's still cute. Just trying to find some positive out of this.
6 hours agoMaakieMaakie
TraumaticSherry (3 days ago) #27435713Damn that is so weird though they they wouldnt at the least do Chris AND Jill because of how iconic they are.
As for Evil Within..I tried?? But it isn't my cup or tea but maybe I should try again??

Resident Evil merchandise has always been a bit strange for how popular the franchise is. It also seems like a lot more Western manufacturers have made figures, apparel etc. for the franchise than they do in Japan. Just recently BioWorld over here released a huge amount of new t-shirts and hoodies (mainly Umbrella-related).

Hrmm, Evil Within is a bit of a tough one if you already said it wasn't your cup of tea. The playing style switches a lot, which is depending on the person a positive or a negative thing. My husband and I are huge fans of a lot of different genre games, so we liked it. If you already own the game you can give it a second try? The 2nd game is very similar to the 1st one from what I read from the reviews, so I don't think it would make sense to try the 2nd one right away before finishing the 1st.
6 hours agoMaakieMaakie

Hopefully your secret santa this year is just as fun! :D
6 hours agoichinisanichinisan
Happy Birthday Mel! :D

Hope you have a wonderful time! How will you be celebrating?
6 hours agox02DannyBoyx02DannyBoy
RedCloud (1 day ago) #27502022Ayyyyy you Finally made an account :)
6 hours agoSkellingtonSkellington
Forgot to include alibaba in my previous post. Aladin and morgiana have a figure but not alibaba -_- come on megahouse complete the trio

Also some scales from umaru chan and little witch academia would be great. I don't want to fall in nendo hell to get these characters XD
6 hours ago (6 hours ago)MinakoMinako
KuroUchiha (20 hours ago) #27521029Not sure but I guess so
I saw it on twitter but it looks so good I wish it was real

It's a garage kit or something, isn't it? [ext link ]
6 hours agoPoison_LadyPoison_Lady
Joyeux anniversaire!
6 hours agoshadowheart09shadowheart09
Seiki (12 hours ago) #27526431Agreed with redxmaverick on BiginJapan.
I've used their forwarding service in the past. You make the account on Amazon, order it and ship it to BiJ's address, and purcahse a forwarding ticket from BiJ before it would arrive at BiJ with a note for them saying what the item is.
500yen + shipping to just directly forward the box to you. 1000yen + shipping if you want them to switch the box from the one Amazon uses to one of BiJ's.
Also, looking at the link you provided, it does look like the item can be shipped to the US, so you may not even need a proxy/forwarding service.

Thank you! I didn't bother to translate the page. That probably would have been a good idea, huh? XD Anyway, I'm glad that I can just order it from Amazon.jp directly.
6 hours agowarriorofdreamwarriorofdream
If someone is interested I found few photos here [ext link ]
6 hours agoMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
Ahhh! The new teaser of the prototype! FINALLY!

I was getting really worried for a while there. I can't wait to see his prototype.

Victor is waiting for you Yuuri!
7 hours agoJasurimJasurim
There is a prototype. Now we just need to see the rest of it. At this stage though, I'm just happy it exists. XD
7 hours agoEddieZerodymeEddieZerodyme
Just as the previous poster, If someone want to give away there Pre-Order, I would be happy get it.
7 hours agoMaakieMaakie
aluchen (3 days ago) #27442861Oh, you know German? That’s cool! :D Yes, it’s quite amusing to read these titles to be honest, but sometimes it just makes you palm your face xD That could be a reason, especially considering that I’ve only seen restaurants or shops selling clothes with German names.
But Gudetama has such a nice butt! D: Haha. I also bought the calendar for a friend of mine because he specifically asked for it and I bet he’ll make a face as well when I give it to him due to that calendar sheet (especially because his birthday is in March xD)
I can totally understand that! It would be a shame if you were there and saw a lot of awesome things (which will inevitably happen) without being able to buy them! :D

I can read/understand some basics, but I can't really speak it. ^^'' And when natives in German start talking it goes too fast for me most of the time, haha! I tried to actually learn German 2 times in my life, but I'm just really bad at picking up new languages. :( But at least it's nice that I can read German text and know a bit what's going on. :)

I really don't mind looking at Gudetama's butt for a month, I think it's hilarious. xD But considering we share the space where the calendar is going to be put up..... xD I think I will buy a Pusheen one for the new year, unless you have some good recommendations from other funny Japanese ones you saw?

Yeah! I really like Garage Kits, so I want to visit at least one GK event like Treasure Festa for example. Considering a GK can be easily 10K and be a one-in-a-lifetime-chance to buy, I really don't want to be there and drool without the possibility of buying anything!!!

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