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4 hours ago (4 hours ago)ratsmahratsmah
The good thing about this figure is that Alter is still doing "oneshot" products which are not part of a huge series like Love Live, Idolmaster and Fate. I'm not a fan of all of those but Alter is my favourite manufacturer what makes the pool i can pick from quite small.
However this figure in particular is not my thing, that's why the price doesn't bother me, but I predict this won't sell too well and price is main factor for it.
4 hours agoPrettybarfPrettybarf
Lulles (1 month ago) #23618749has there ever been ONE figure that was released on its initial release date? geezyeah, action figures do all the time LOL
4 hours agobambipiebambipie
bibirrito (7 hours ago) #24993022Happy (belated) birthday! ★★
View spoilerHide spoilerSorry, I haven't been on MFC as much. ;_;
Thank you! All you're missing lately is terrible blogs lol
4 hours ago (4 hours ago)lifewithfigureslifewithfigures
I think this would be a very good opportunity to conquer your insecurities relating to sexuality and your collecting. If collecting any type of figures makes you happy, collect them. Life is wayy too short to be insecure about things that make you happy and you really don't want to learn that the hard way. If something makes you happy, don't care what anyone else thinks about it; even your family members. If they truly love you, they will accept you as you. Owning "sexual" figures (or figures at all) does not define who you are as a person.

I don't personally own any NSFW figures yet, so I haven't had to explain anything to my parents yet (I'm always hardcore eyeing item #293234, so maybe soon), but I have two more "sexual" figures (item #326905 and item #555570) and I'm pretty sure my statement to both my parents about both figures was something along the lines of "yo come look how nice her butt is" xP. I'm pretty open with my parents (especially my Mum) about stuff like sexuality and sexual preference and such. People coming into my room isn't really an issue because really only my Mum and my boyfriend ever come in my room, but I really wouldn't care if I did have friends over and I had NSFW figures out (I'm pretty open about that stuff with most of my friends as well).

Bottom line is that you gotta do what makes you happy. Collect whatever you desire:P
4 hours agofreezermilkfreezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
Hentai_Son (2 days ago) #24898554You have such a cute style! I love it!
awww thank u ur so sweet!
4 hours ago (4 hours ago)cazmir09cazmir09
Love your review! I can't wait to get my Bunny Ryuko :3
Also in your youtube video I see a bunch of other figures in your Detolf in the background. Which ones are those two on the bottom shelf?
4 hours agodeathcore12deathcore12
Selling mine. Back in box, complete and good condition. Pm me!
4 hours agomoonangelicamoonangelica
Ose_93 (17 hours ago) #24970658There isn't any advice I can personally give you, but I have seen this video about modification: [ext link ]
Maybe there is something in there that will be helpful?

Thanks, I hadn't seen her channel before. There are some good ideas there especially about introducing movement which is one of the things I was really worried about :)
4 hours agoFaytTheCountFaytTheCount
I think someone forgot to tell Alter April fools was months ago~ but aside from that kind of had a feeling she was going to be that high, now im getting worried about the price for the LL Sunshine girls >_>.
4 hours agosuperyfsuperyf
The ultimate bow on mine has broken, does anyone have a spare bow they're willing to sell? (PM me)
4 hours agoNiyariNiyari
are skirts easier to sculpt or something? seems weird that they deviated from the illustration in that area
4 hours agoelemileTLDRelemileTLDR
Does this mean they'll release 2B separately, or in tandem with 9S and A2?
I SO wanna have the 3 of them, but I'm so not buying the resold Black Box (I don't even own a PS4).
4 hours agoMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
gwendal738-2 (2 days ago) #24908879I don't mind if it's a GSC exclusive so long as we get the rings I NEED DEM RINGS DAMMIT But yes I think we should politely and not so subtly email GSC about these money making ideas. Milk us dry, GSC! Milk us dry! AND OMG YES THE CHURCH BACKGROUND SJGHSKJGHSDG. I will forever display them like that. FOREVER.
Yes. I want prototypes of casual Yuuri and coach Victor omg. I need them. And then they need to be up for pre-order so I can PO them the minute they're available. I am just a tad obsessed. Just a tad.

The amount of extra money I'd be willing to spend for GSC exclusive rings is terrifying. The temptation is real, I mean why would they not want some feedback on how to make even more money than they already do X'D Same tbh, I need a Nendoroid set like that in my life. N O W.

Obsessed? Nah, pfft- of course not > 3 >b My mother likes to continually point how obsessed I am with Victor and Yuuri every time she sees I get more merchandise of them :'D I get it mum. plz stop. I'll be going all 'FS Yuuri release' on them, putting sticky notes everywhere with release time reminders xP I can't wait to see what kind of faceplates they'll come with. Yuuri's little shocked/embarrassed expression looks adorable but I can't help but wonder what kind of faceplates GSC is going to give Victor. A shocked one to go with FS Yuuri doing a quad flip would be nice though :D Bashful Victor would also be much appreciated~ So many possibilities for him and Yuuri too!
4 hours agoMiaekaMiaeka
WonderWaffle (6 hours ago) #24994375Yeah thats why I'm asking. I have also escalated it to Paypal earlier today and magically got a reply that said oh our receptionist misplaced the package we'll resend it. pfft
I'm sorry I can't help you with this man lmao
4 hours ago (4 hours ago)KarumiKarumi Bishie Enthusiast
WindsorSeven (9 hours ago) #24985429Same! Lmk if you find it for sale anywhere.
GameStop will have these for sale, at least. So for Europe it would be EB Games. They're available for pre-order now (at GS at least, so probably also EB).

If you're not in Europe (or a European country that doesn't have EB) then I'm sure you'll be able to find them wherever you can find pops. I also see pops on AmiAmi sometimes so they might get them too.
5 hours agoatunafishatunafish
nagi2525nagisa (20 days ago) #24213486Hi! I still do provide the service!
I'll PM you the details. :)
Thanks for the interest!

Hi! Did you see my dm reply?
5 hours agoNiyariNiyari
i was actually expecting 17k when i sat down and thought about it. it's also the most i was willing to pay. doesn't feel good though

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