41 seconds agoPalluxzPalluxz
You don't need to cut all your ties to this hobby if you still like it, just build some self restrain,if you set your mind to it nothing is impossible
7 minutes agoTayaTaya
Ebonwing (23 minutes ago) #22633916On the one hand that makes Hell June less expensive, on the other, aw. :(
For me it's another delay to July and I have no idea how I'll handle the 8 orders I have for that month ;(
8 minutes agoMisterHSMisterHS
Selling him for 155€ from France
Shipping fees are not included
Figure condition : used
PM if you are interested.
8 minutes agoXorKoSXorKoS
What? A Pvc version (no-softbody) out of nowhere ? that's strange, no ?
15 minutes agoLevel4ChaosLevel4Chaos
Lehst (19 hours ago) #22600127whoops sorry to go on like that! I just wanted to give you some bjd insight lol. I worry about damage when I'm moving them, posing them for photos, or if they need to get packed up and taken some place. Some dolls have better balance than others tho. I don't trust people so generally only I can touch them. But its ok to politely ask if you can touch or pick up a someone's doll, everyone is different. ^^ Den of Angels has doll horror stories threads. one time at a doll meet a rude person eating Cheetos came up and took a doll without asking. I would die! D8

Oh no no, please don't worry! I found it really interesting! I always look at them longingly from a distance, but sadly, I don't have the room to collect them. Their clothes and shoes look so detailed!

Matching the resin sounds really difficult! It's something I'd never even thought of! Do you paint it to match, if it's really different from a previous batch? Does the paint wear off the joints?!

Argh! Why do Cheetos-eaters like to touch things?! >_< Wow... that is quite the horror story!
21 minutes agoAvolionAvolion
Expensive and not so many accesories, but really great quality and worth it. Glad at least her only official figure does have quality to it.
22 minutes agoacrwbyacrwby
Taya (2 hours ago) #22632088Just got notification about Stardust's delay to july :(

Thanks for the info!
22 minutes agoIdaiIdai
Feliz ☺ cumpleaños
22 minutes ago (22 minutes ago)jugadorps3jugadorps3
Hypnose (1 hour ago) #22632604What's with the price going to heaven again?
Akeno is back up for pre-order on Hobby Search wih an August release date and also with an extra normal edition (no soft body).
23 minutes agoAvolionAvolion
Perfect fitt for a PVC, too bad it will never happen...

pandafigures (3 years ago) #1647529Oh, please, please some decent company pick this up and turn her into a PVC. The Amiami Zero one is utterly disappointing and lackluster (imo). This is much too adorable to not release!

It actually looks pretty nice in real life, great quality and i have heard positive reception of it.
23 minutes agoEbonwingEbonwing
Taya (2 hours ago) #22632088Just got notification about Stardust's delay to july :(
On the one hand that makes Hell June less expensive, on the other, aw. :(
25 minutes agoelliewellieselliewellies
horatio (8 hours ago) #22624189Well-taken pic; very good setup.

Thank you very much ^^
It's my first time trying a setup and photo like this. I'm glad that you like it!
25 minutes agoMisterHSMisterHS
Selling him for 85€ from France
Shipping fees are not included
Figure condition : New, never openened
PM me if you are interested.
26 minutes agopuppincuppiepuppincuppie
azusamukami (31 minutes ago) #22633780Hi!

hello there!
27 minutes agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board stealth495! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
27 minutes agopuppincuppiepuppincuppie
thinking of buying her but i really can't tell if i like her or not.
is she worth it lmao
tsubaki24 (1 month ago) #21302455Hello!
I want you to know three things.
I have (quietly) followed your Rin shrine, but most importantly..
You have inspired me to set my own Pana shrine. I am no where near yours, but it is a start. picture #1752702 I had these in my collection for a while, but more together in my LL merch. But after getting off my butt, I redecorated and organized all of my Hanayo stuff and SLOWLY buying more (if a good deal).
However, after posting the photo there was a very rude comment "shrine for trash?" and I almost wanted to delete my picture, but your pictures reminded me again that I just need to keep going. And in a cheesy and corny way, Rin was cheering for Hanayo xD
So sorry very long, but THANK YOU!!

First of all, I LOVE your setup and I feel so honored I could inspire you! ♥
And don't worry, we all started little, but it's lovely so far! really! I love Hanayo a lot as well ;v; (not as much as Rin tho sweats)
And let people talk, sweetheart. Not everyone has the same taste in best girl, I'm rooting for you and your shrine! >T and I am looking forward to see it grow, so if you love something, keep going and don't let people's dump talk stop you! :>

Have a nice day and nothing to thank for! ♥

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