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BIPSY (9 hours ago) #20406596I used to work for a figure retailer in Japan and, while I wasn't in the buying/procurement department, I have a pretty good idea what the average wholesale price on figures are.
If a store is offering a relatively low-priced figure (say under 3500 JPY or so) at 18% or so off and doing 500 JPY in shipping domestically they are just barely making a profit once you figure in the cost of the figure, shipping box/packing material, shipping itself and the labor costs to pack and ship the item. On orders for multiple items that are packed together or on more expensive items they can make quite a bit more profit. Used items are also generally much more profitable on an item-by-item basis (but also require a lot more work on the backend as you have to make a new item page for individual figures as opposed to just putting the data in once to sell hundreds or thousands of a popular new figure).
Sorry - that went a bit off topic. Basically if a store is offering an item at half off they are almost certainly selling it at a loss. The only possible way they could make money selling it at that price is if the distributor has a bunch of stock on hand and is offering it at a drastically lowered price, in which case the figure's maker would absorb the losses.
There are a lot of reasons why a store might sell an item that cheaply but the most common reasons are that they just don't have the space to keep them on hand and the price is probably only going to go down further with time - better to cut your losses at 50% off than have to sell if for 70% off 6 months later. Most warehouses in Japan aren't all that large - most figure retailers have big areas to accept shipments of popular items that will be sent out quickly (pre-orders for popular figures) but don't have a huge amount of space to hold old inventory/back stock. If they have a big backstock of a certain item there's a strong incentive to move it as quickly as possible.
As to reasons why figures end up going so cheap in the first place, one of the biggest ones is due to the process by which figures are made. It takes quite a long time to go from concept to product for figures and what initially may have seemed like a series/property that would become very popular may turn out to underperform and not gain a strong following. The merchandise, though, is often ordered quite a bit ahead of time and may be stuck on retailers' shelves if the show doesn't do well. I've also seen quite a few figures go down in price if there are too many versions released at the same time. It seemed like this happened with Hestia from Danmachi - the show was really popular but there were a bunch of similar-scale figures of her released at the same time so some of them dropped in price right after release as different versions had been announced.
As to why the figures then bounce back up in price its basically a twofold issue: a bunch of unsold figures takes up a lot of space in the warehouse and needs to be moved quickly but a small remainder of stock isn't nearly as much of an issue so they can keep them around longer. Say you have 100 figures you want to sell - sell 80 of them at 50% off, clear out a lot of space and then keep the remaining 20 at retail and let them trickle out slowly. You can minimize the space you're using and maximize whatever profit you can make.
The second reason is a bit more complicated - if two or three stores all have overstock of a certain item they tend to undercut each other on the prices to get it off their hands. Nobody will buy your figure at 40% off if another shop is selling it at 60% off. So they keep cutting prices down until the bulk of the stock is gone and then not many stores have the item for sale. Once the overall availability of the item goes down the price will generally go back up.
this is also influenced by the overall popularity of the license - maybe the show did poorly on TV but became popular after it was released on DVD and more people want the merchandise, etc.'
Sorry for the long post - hopefully that helps a bit!

Thank you so much! It helped a lot! Now, I understand the trade because of your very intricate explanation. :)
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Shikaree (3 hours ago) #20414598There is no tariff for dolls and figures. See tariff schedule section XX heading 9503.
If you're importing a package with a declared value of higher than $2500 you may be assessed processing fees. I'm not entirely sure how it works, when it applies, or what exemptions there are. Not in the import/export business. =)

Going to add my two cents here - I've imported a package that was declared around $3,000 and never saw any sort of charge. So, I assume it's more for businesses rather than civilian.

Caiteu, you will never see a customs charge while going about your every day collecting. The US does not have customs fees in the same sense that other Countries do (I would riot considering how much we pay for shipping even within the Country).
2 minutes agonopopup1nopopup1
Anyone selling this? Please let me know.
3 minutes agoCloud409Cloud409
skmm (2 hours ago) #20416828I haven't opened my copy of P5 yet but just out of curiosity, why?

Probably because she's kind of a boring/mediocre character. Now when Makoto pre-orders open up I'll be mashing that pre-order button like there's no tomorrow. lol
5 minutes agoMekunekoMekuneko
agentmozell (10 hours ago) #20401781Do we have ANY news on Rin or Len yet? ;; I'm getting impatient.
Not yet. :(

Most likely there will be something when Sapporo Snow Festival is Closer (Snow Miku thing), or maybe when the others are released?
5 minutes agoyuu12rikuyuu12riku
PeanutButter (4 hours ago) #20412945Actually the Grand Order entries are neater than the old entires. The old ones are the worst offenders. Yes cleaning up the entires has kinda become a hobby of mine. Blame ocd me. I've cleaned up draft items and such.
But yea for ca hassin it would be those three. Might want to change the picture and name of that entry to reflect that the entry is hf hassin from zero.
Oh, I forgot about Zero Hassan.
Then Zero Hassan will be moved to Hundred Face tag I made before? (mfc link)
If following Fate timeline, the Zero Hassan will stay at first tag encyclopedia #32653, if following game release, FSN Hassan will stay on that tag.

Haha, if they really add all other 14-15 Hassans, it's really quite a problem...
6 minutes agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board happykitteh! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
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skylinedo (14 hours ago) #20387603Now, gamble/mix in the cost of cheap ocean shipping. Alot of times, those shipments depreciate in value and hit the bargain bins before even being stocked at the clients' business. But sometimes, that shipments' value increases and the client is able to offer cheaper prices than most other retailers and they can capitalize on their profit depending on how much they've invested.

Thanks! :)
8 minutes agocarbatoniccarbatonic
Dribz (12 hours ago) #20396929Damn, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Air Small Packet was an option for her on Ami Ami. Did their size/weight requirements change recently to qualify for that? I feel like a lot more items are falling into that category these days.
Or, maybe my orders are just smaller these days and I'm not getting as much at one time (that'll change this summer though, with all the YOI merch getting released, whoo boy...).

I just started buying from Japanese stores last year (previously I only used ebay and here,) and I am still trying to figure out how to predict shipping. I was surprised and happy that her shipping on AmiAmi was so low...but now I am tempted to try and add something to the order for combined shipping, which knowing my luck, will push it into a higher category
8 minutes agoMiyukichiMiyukichi
Reiichiru (18 hours ago) #20377990I feel as though the preowned and sales sections on places like AmiAmi act like this. You frequently check for loss leaders -and if they have one, you might buy more items to fill up your box. But the sale items aren't often the most wonderful figures -that'd just be kinda crazy @_@
I guess they aren't true loss leaders. doing that would drop the bottom out of the market

Thank you! :)
9 minutes agoMiyukichiMiyukichi
tharglet (20 hours ago) #20374246With a warehouse, you have limited space. If you have a lot of one thing that's not selling, it can be better to drop the price and get shot of it, so you can put newer, more valuable stock in its place. Usually sellers won't drop below the price they paid, but if the space is worth it, they will do. In other retail spaces, they have "loss leaders", which are items under the wholesale price, designed to attract customers to the store, so they buy other, more profitable things. Not sure if figure sites really do that though.
Once there's a few items left, you might be better letting them take up space, for a higher profit later on, if they're not getting in the way of more valuable stock. If a figure becomes hard-to-get, people will pay MSRP (or more!) again.
Also wholesale prices are usually around half for most stuff. Think anime figures may have a lesser margin, though NECA accidentally had their wholesale list for download by anyone for a time, and it was around that. Can't find the file though atm. Not sure if I deleted it, or it's on another machine.
Also MSRP on figures seems to be a bit of a joke, especially with non-Japanese retailers. UK ones especially seem to make numbers up for the RRP.

Very informative. Thank you! :)
11 minutes agoMiyukichiMiyukichi
wewe (21 hours ago) #20370116Retailers never pays the MSRP price like we do, they get discounts (think big %s) for buying in bulk, and then list and sell for a little less then MSRP. The difference is the source of their profit.
Unless noted otherwise (made-to-order/provisional-orders), they don't just buy more from the manufacturers. That 50% off is retailers trying to break even (or sometimes take the loss) since they've already paid the manufacturer, otherwise the transaction will be a complete loss if nobody buys the item.

I feel sorry for the sellers, but it's quite a good thing to us. :)
11 minutes agoReinierReinier
GoldenDarkness (16 hours ago) #20383519First Leviathan & Lucifer (with a light-up base)
Now Asmodeus & Astaroth
Then Beelzebub, Mammon, Satan, Belphegor and finally Belial. :D (Just believe)

Meh I missed the pre-order window for Belial but I prefer the original release because all the other 7 Deadly Sins figures I own dont have a light up base like the re-release versions so I dont want to re-buy them all over agian for a gimmick and having one of them with a light up base and the others without seems out of place.
12 minutes agoMiyukichiMiyukichi
PeanutButter (21 hours ago) #20369889I doubt they get it at 50% off. When things bargin bin it usually means they are already released and not on po. It's a clearance sale to get rid of unwanted merch taking up space is all.
Thank you so much for the infos! :)
13 minutes ago (12 minutes ago)SnowZeldaSnowZelda
Being a poor college kid right now I am so happy for that haha. I'll get one of these bad boys one day though!DCJP (16 days ago) #19706190Gonalex (16 days ago) #19705694
Max Factory is making Bloodborne Figmas. Should they continue with that line, then there will be something for everyone.
14 minutes ago (13 minutes ago)MiyukichiMiyukichi
SageGuy (21 hours ago) #20369818No, at that point they are likely selling at a loss. That is called cutting your losses. It's better to sell something for half price, than to have it sitting around taking up space and not sell it at all.
So, it's all about the space issues and stuff. Thank you!
18 minutes agoYellannaYellanna
Alsoar (1 day ago) #20339798Can i ask who's the character?
I don't think i seen her before.

Izumi Sagiri from Eromanga Sensei :)
18 minutes agotsunabelletsunabelle
hicks16 (21 hours ago) #20369971I love all of this! I wish my own collection will be that big of my favorite anime lol!
But, also if you don't mind me asking where did you get those clear files to store your cards?

Thank you! The clear files? Sorry can you tell me which clear files because I'm a little unsure. If you mean the arcade cards, they dont have clear files and are stored in an album! If you do mean something else, typically the clear files I do have just come with the order since I order from online flea markets. Depends on the seller then! Hope thats even semi-helpful.
21 minutes agoOceSlopeOceSlope
Exposition maybe? And OK, thanks.

Kaneel (1 hour ago) #20420487If this picture was taken by you at winter wonder festival the proper category would be "Exhibition"
If this is from somewhere from the net, the category would be "chan" and a proper link to the page it appears is rquired.
Figures category applies for released figures you own.
21 minutes agoFrickfaceFrickface
kenny stop making me fall in love with your collection, my little heart can only handle so much

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