1 minute agoastarte952astarte952
cattleya wins boobality!
2 minutes agoagentmozellagentmozell nerd extraordinaire
Honestly TOM shipped him while I was in Japan and the box was so large when I got home that I thought it was the LE Edward. ; x; That was before I got the email about the delay. Like seriously, the box was twice the size as Roy.

He looks gorgeous though! ♥ I can't wait to set him up.
3 minutes agoastarte952astarte952
no reason to get mad by such a power up.
4 minutes agoIza-chanIza-chan
grayfoxninja (12 hours ago) #24994677ai sim Martin
Yeeeees !!!
4 minutes agosecretly-otakusecretly-otaku
I would love to get this just to use the body for Araragi-kun item #194974. But for that price... maybe after a few price drops.
5 minutes agoastarte952astarte952
this is awesome!
5 minutes agoWonderWaffleWonderWaffle
hikaridranz (3 hours ago) #25003960one way is to order from Japan, but idk how feasible it is for you :x
there's a compilation of doujin tapestry printers [ext link ]

This helps as I only make custom of a character I really REALLY like otherwise I look for official tapestry. Thanks!
5 minutes agoastarte952astarte952
kneel down for this beauty!
7 minutes agoIza-chanIza-chan
FSE (12 hours ago) #24994399Nice!conveyer (11 hours ago) #24996498Great shot!
Thanks a lot :)
8 minutes agoMagicalBelMagicalBel
  • honest description of the condition of the item
  • original photos
  • upfront about any terms, requirements or constraints of sale (eg. may take up to 5 days to ship item out)
  • well packaged and protected
  • quick communication in the event of any problems
  • I would not be interested in any bonus items. It’s a nice sentiment but I don’t like getting stuff I have no use for
16 minutes ago (15 minutes ago)Bah-RooBah-Roo
who is she

17 minutes agopartisanx_partisanx_
Selling mine, never opened. Box has some visible wear due to its age but there is no damage on it. Selling within the UK for £80 + shipping + PayPal fees. Can sell for £75 if it's local pick up in London/Essex.
20 minutes agoPurple_MidknightPurple_Midknight
Hello, inbox is full!
I'm interested in purchasing the Archer nendoroid from you I am in the UK
21 minutes ago (19 minutes ago)partisanx_partisanx_
Selling her within the UK, £22 + shipping + PayPal fees (local pick up in London/Essex possible). Used but in good condition.
21 minutes agoButcherButcher
goldfries (12 hours ago) #24994008Yes, can buy them from AmiAmi.

I actually bought this figure on crunchyroll, it was the figure that got me into figure collecting. I know it's probably not the cheapest place to buy it, but if you can't find it elsewhere.
23 minutes agoLillinettixLillinettix
I love quick and nice replies. I also don't like if the seller is all "xD, lmao, etc..." and writes messages like we are old friends with broken grammar (but bad english is understandable if it's not their first language). Some emojis are okay but it bothers me when it's too casual. That may make me seem stuck up but that's just how it is for me when buying something ^^'
And I prefer to get pictures of the figures and the package once it's ready to be shipped of. It's also nice to get an approximate time when the seller is going to send the package and give you the tracking number for it :)

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