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Rin_Asano (5 years ago) #1007199oh well a lot of people saw the link
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I'm italian and maybe I can help someone ^^"
but I don't know how much I can purchase and... I don't remember if Amazon charge the money when you preorder it!
ps : I think the box has japanese/english/italian languages/sub

Amazon.it does international shipping and it's not very expensive. Shipping to me in the US was a flat EUR 10.00. Total: EUR 76.11

Amazon also doesn't charge for pre-orders on the spot. They charge you when the item ships. I haven't paid a cent yet.

And lastly, the Italian version is only listed as having Italian subtitles; no English. Also be advised that the bundle only includes Volume 1 of the series, not the whole series like the Japanese box had, and that Italy falls into BD and DVD Region 2, so it will not be playable on US players anyway.

I can confirm that the Japanese BDs did actually have English subtitles, though; they were improved versions of the subs from the international Niconico broadcasts. It's possible that they might find their way onto this version, but Amazon.it so far doesn't list it (and like I said, the discs wouldn't work on US players anyway).

Hope that clears up some details!