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You have got a blind spot. That's not surprising. It means that this op of yours is unofficial, and you don't have full access to everything and are just believing whatever you want to believe without any proof to back it up. If this op was an official one, you would have full access. But then you would need to get warrants, and your lack of access tells me that no one is going to grant you one. That means misappropriation of resources. I wonder if you could all go to jail for that. It also confirms that I'm right: you suck at profiling. Thinking Gungrave is a show about cowboys means you suck at research. Especially when proof of degree is in the fucking transcript that you people clearly never saw, which I was very surprised at. I thought those midwestern douchebags gave you people access but apparently not. Very interesting. Even bigger proof is the actual degree itself, which your people also never found. Just what did you think I was doing in that science building during the Fall? It was you who sent your 4th floor bimbo there to troll me for a date, wasn't it? I thought you people knew. I guess you're not truly part of The Powers That Be™ after all. They see practically EVERYTHING. You don't. You're at least a step down from them. I know they see almost everything because they keep rubbing it in my face. I'll bet you don't know that they see what you people are doing, their attempt at deflecting me from Popeye's that day suggested as much, along with other incidents. Your limited access for your unofficial op means I'll win this one eventually. Japan is inevitable. It's why you people are turning on the pressure recently, you've got an inside line into The Powers That Be™ and you know that the wheels are in motion for me to go to Japan. It's all just a waiting game for me now. So what possible reason would I have to pursue American employment? And I HAVE a life. Your definition of a life is different from mine. As long as I am pursuing my self-interests, I live. These past 10 months have been fucking awesome, outside of the forced socializing bullshit that is sent to me at the gym. I spent over 900 hours in a new video game. Best purchase I have ever made. I am almost completely caught up with where I was a year and a half ago with my lifts. Eventually, I'll start covering new ground. These past 10 months I was able to devote all of my time to pursuing my self-interests. To me, THAT is living.