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jena (5 years ago) #1089956I did look at that tutorial of yours and I followed the steps until I got to the channels part, I had no idea how to do that. I've just got the original scan as the top layer set to multiply at the moment and I'm colouring underneath.

I guess my main problem is getting everything to look smooth and well blended.

Ok, then you'll need to remove the lines from the white paper and have them as their own layer so you can color under them. I'll try and explain the steps but if anything sounds confusing just ask and I'll try and explain it better: Oh and this step is basically the first thing you do after you scan the picture. Although you should desaturate the whole thing first as well!! This following step can only remove black and gray scale lines, so make sure there's no color in the image. Coloring comes after. ^^

Click 'windows' on the top menu and select 'channels'.
Grab and drag the 'blue layer' to the bottom of the little channels window and drop it on the 'create new channel' button. This should create a new channel called 'Blue copy' Rename that to 'alpha1'
Create a new layer.
Click 'select' from the top and click on 'load selection'
Select 'alpha1' from the 'channel' drop down menu. (make sure you have invert checked off) click OK.
Select 'edit' from the top and click 'fill'. Use black, blending mode normal, opacity 100% click ok

That should have created a new layer that only has the black lines colored in. Create a new layer under that and you can color without affecting the lines.