09 months agoMarionEtxMarionEtx
I'm so sorry to see this, it's devastating! I would definitely return them and save the money for when they pop up again in good condition. Trying to repair them will be a hassle and personally, it would make me even more upset about the situation. I hope you can resolve it smoothly.

I recently had a similar, albeit not as traumatic experience with YJA. I had been hunting for Motoko item #388 hoping for a good deal and found one for 8K Yen listed as in great condition but with a damaged box. When I got her, the whole thing reeked of cigarette smoke, and one of her boots had been glued back on. At least it was just a matter of it having fallen off (it's a separate piece from the leg) so it was easy to remove, clean, and repair. However, the stink took a week of soaking to get rid of, and her upper torso area still smells a bit up close (though I'm hoping it'll dissipate over time). The box was definitely garbage due to the smell and yellowing that was not apparent in the auction images. I didn't bother to complain because I could fix her and I didn't expect the box would be worth keeping anyway, but I'm more cautious about my purchases now.