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The biggest problem here is that many of them are not clean breaks, so repairing this figure to not look like it's glued back together would be an extreme undertaking. I personally would return this, but I'd push reaaal hard for an actual refund. Your money may loose value with inflation if you leave it for any period of time as store credit.

I had a similar problem, with FromJapan (because I've got no issue naming them when it was their screw up). Although it wasnt figures, it was books. Specifically a set of 1st edition One Piece with obi, so once fees and everything was done it came out to around $300 plus another $100 for shipping. They didn't include any packaging, and this was a HEAVY package. When they arrived all the spines had all rubbed their colors off and onto the box, effectively ruining their collection value.

I was furious. And FromJapan refused to admit any sort of fault, stating that I should have chosen secure packaging. When I shot back at them that if I had chosen light packaging would they have been shipped in a plastic bag they ignored the question. Because it was such a large amount of money I contacted my credit card and got the whole purchase reversed. The books were given to a friend and I use a different proxy now.