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Tiamat26 (9 months ago) #20303101Oh I loved that anime but Kami-Sama was just repeated way way way way way way to many time.. Bell-Kun !!!! HEHEHEEH
I was very lucky in the sense that I got the grail I wrote about a week or so ago for that exact same price 15000 Yen. I just paid for her today 20900 yen inc shipping. $ 60.00 for shipping is geting to be a lot. Here she is.
Finally will be mine after 4 years.
Only thing that could happen worse would be a release of both Rias and Akeno for this month LMAO
= )

:O :O I love Mizuho, Please Teacher is one of my top 5 favorite Anime :) watched it about 3 times lol, I wish it was a longer series I know there's please twins but not with the same couple. I really want a figure of Mizuho but no idea which one to pick.

Yeah, just watch Akeno and Rias are gonna be released in the next few days lol