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Chloe-tsundere (8 months ago) #20841788View spoilerHide spoilerOh thats good, just revive the club. I did the same with blazblue club tho theres not much to mention atm..
And i got mistral for 90 euros total so im pretty pleased as in the past i paid 140 and sold her for that :) she will look nice indeed instead of clalaclan knight.. kinda my impulse buy as i dont like her as much as i thought.. but shes tough to sell...
Tho i also like houmei for element shelf item #42031
Hmm from what i remember ps2 wasnt region locked :) so shouldnt affect it.. but id have to double check on that.
Yup exactly and i disagree there are quite some that have it.. wind water ice fire so far tho i do miss earth.. but this one could tho shes hefty priced: item #6293
Since shes on a rock or perhaps eventho its not physical item #9113
As shes obvious an earth elf

Congrats for Misty!
I also don't like Alter Clalaclan, her face looks weird to me. My fav Shining armor figure is Sonia item #273107 who's sitting on a rock so maybe it could work as the earth element. Though her armor isn't complete (leg parts are missing) she's very pretty. It's an Alphamax one and she's bigger than item #6293 even though the scales are the same. You can see on this pic picture #927787 that she looks more like the 1/8 figures around her. But she's original and the best fig of Kanon. I bought mine from an other French member than 3 years ago. She's one of the most original among Shining figures so she was kind of a must-have for me.

I'm reserved about Houmei: she looks great BUT she's hard to assemble, to put on her base properly and some parts easily fall when you move her. Moreover mine doesn't want to keep her feather fan whatever I do. Fortunately I grabbed her new, in France, with 50% off... and it was the last one. Therefore I'm not too bothered by these issues. And she's Misty's big sister so I needed her too *-*