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Chloe-tsundere (8 months ago) #21024560View spoilerHide spoilerOh no i got kotos clalaclan, even worse haha :p i guess i dont find clalaclan appealing as a character.. the alter one is ok but not a wow must buy plus atm shes pretty pricey too..
And thanks, today she arrives.. he kinda took his sweet time it annoyed me but glad i managed to keep my calm and not go like @&?*$# haha :p i just wish he just told me he wont be able to ship fast and i wouldnt be frustrated. Anyways today she arrives so <3
Oh yeah sonia is quite nice too now that you mention it! :) not sure which one to pick now hmm...
oh lucky you and yeah i find her appealing cause she looks more original indeed.. orange hair.. and dont like her other figures much
Oh thats nice.. yeah best i can get her for atm is 100 euros total and im a bit hesistant about spending that.. on misty i had no hesitation though.. :) guess i rather spend 80 euros max on houmei which isnt likely to happen anytime soon. As for assembly my mom is good at it so I usually ask her to help ^^
Must say my favorite shining figure so far is maple :D i really love her.. shes big but not too big :) more a bit 1/4 i guess ^^

I had the same experience with a member who shipped the figure 7 or 8 days after my payment. I was about to ask him to pay me back when he finally answered and said the figure was on her way.

Yes, Sonia looks very good, her face and armor are well made. Really true to the original illustration. Tomo isn't a usual sculptor for the Alphamax Shining or T2 girls, but he did a very good work on her.

Unfortunately, Houmei is pricey. I spent 75€ for her and I don't think she's worth more than 80€. There are less issues with Misty: the biggest I have is the large brown bow that falls down every time I clean her. I'll probably glue it one day.

It's nice your mom can help. Does she like your collection? Mine was highly critical but now it seems she has understood how important my collection is.