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Aimathyst (8 months ago) #21236832I've never read/watched CCS but I would still get this figure just for its sheer cuteness and dynamic beauty! Wonderful review :)

If you've never seen the show, you kind of owe it to yourself to at least check it out, as it's a classic. Then again if you start watching the show, then you'll definitely get this figure :).

Heldrik (8 months ago) #21238893That's a nice review we have here: well written, informative and with a lot of pictures. Great job
It's only fitting that Sakura, one of the most well know Magical Girls, gets an awesome figure like that. I really like picture #1759305, it makes it look like Sakura looks at a movie poster of her "future" Card Captor self.

Thanks for the comment. I'd like to see Sakura get *more* awesome figures, as there's really not that many figures available of her considering the popularity of the franchise.

With picture #1759305, that is exactly what I was going for :). Plus, the way Sakura has her hand on her head, from behind it looks like she's a little bit puzzled by what she's seeing.