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victorviper (8 months ago) #21300325View spoilerHide spoilerHere's my rubric.
10/10-Highly attractive and functional base that perfectly complements the figure.
Examples: Koto's Gothic Lolita Asuka (mfc link) with the cool stair base, this (mfc link) Koto Asuka, Beagle's Chris (mfc link).
8-9/10-A base that is not only functional but is attractive.
Examples: Koto's recent Sakura Kinomoto (mfc link), GSC's Triela (mfc link).
6-7/10-A base that is functional but possibly plain and boring.
Example: Taito's Pochaco (mfc link).
5/10-A base that is of questionable functionality.
Example: Sega's Sakura Kinomoto (mfc link).
3-4/10-A base that can be made to work, but requires some effort by the owner of the figure to actually be made functional.
Example: Penguin Parade's Kuroko Shirai (mfc link) .
0,1,2/10-A base that is so poorly designed that there's no chance of being able to use (or even modify) it for its intended purpose. I haven't really come across anything like this, but I don't doubt they're out there...
I like this rubric a lot. You give at least 5 points to a base if it's functional and stands the test of time (few/no reports of broken pegs, leanings, etc). Function before form, but form adds to the function. A base of 10 goes above and beyond, not only does it work in keeping the figure up and looking good, but also complements the figure (like Tia's examples of Asuka's bases).