18 months agoCelestrialCelestrial #1 BRS Fan
Okay guys, i think this has gotten rather out of hands in terms of the original topic.
Personally i legitimately cannot see any reason for "THIS" particular item to be removed from the database. This site is run collectively by members, and the only way the site can stay as strong as it is is because of the way the community works together. I understand the technical reasoning behind the alert of this entry but i honestly just think the relevant information is just not present.

I work full time, so i don't get the luxury of spending all my time online searching through information etc. If someone else could HELP add the information relevant to this entry rather then just flat out deleting it, that would be much appreciated it.
As far as the rules stand, i believe some sort of " new rule " was set in place recently in regardes to comiket items and linking to the publishing circle and all that jazz - this is a new rule placement and was put forth sometime AFTER this entry was made, so obviously i have no idea what the procedure is- and technically, this entry should not be effected by it. To go back now and sift through every entry to sort out this new rule seems practically impossible, and its a shame that an item like this - with well known artists, collaborators AND official characters still do not seem to warrant a place on here, just does not make sense to me.

This item can stay alerted till an actual resolution gets made, i understand that i "added" the entry but i do not know what to add to it nor am i deleting it till i am told otherwise.