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Moro (6 months ago) #23167541As a teenager I always wanted straight hair, although these days I've made my peace with my circumstances lol. I bet when your hair gets oily it's still not that noticeable to other people unless maybe they are REALLY close to you. But it always feels gross when your hair is oily so i understand anyway. My hair tends to be dry but I do live in a DESERT so...
I will share pics with you if I put together such an outfit! I don't think you should feel like you're too old to cosplay... Ultimately it's about having fun and if you're still enjoying it that is what matters the most!!
Nah I was less thinking in the itabag outfit direction and more like trying to capture a certain aesthetic... I already made that Tekkadan vest so I have one thing there already! Maybe a necklace with blue and yellow for Mika and Orga's eyes..? I'll have to think on it!
Wow I had no idea it was an issue there too, though it sounds like you guys deal with it way more effectively than the USA. People rarely get banned from cons here even for bad behavior...unless criminal charges enter into it, but that doesn't always happen, sometimes people just get annoyed and don't bother to press charges.
Ooh yes I look forward to it!
I did, went out to my favorite restaurant. I made a strawberry upside down cake...But I messed it up somehow and it fell flat :(

I hear that a lot from people with curls: how they would prefer straight hair! I can imagine that it can be frustrating that you can get less haircuts, BUT I think that well maintained curls can look so pretty! I have a family member with a pretty curly half-afro and I am so jealous of how her hair looks so fluffy and big! My hair is always just...hanging there haha.

Yeah, I don't think much people notice the oily-ness of my hair, it's more a thing that I know from myself and get myself irritated about. So you just feel in need of a shower. :P And yeah wow, I can imagine almost everyone having super dry hair. It must be pretty hard for everyone's skin too I think? Do you have to take special measures for it? Like rub your face in vaseline every day or something like that?

Hrmm, it's more that I feel a bit weird as some characters? When I recently cosplayed Ink, she is a loli in a school uniform. I was still young looking enough too pass, but there are some pictures from at the end of a con day where I am tired (and thus look older) and it makes me look a bit like a creep wearing such a cutesy kiddy outfit haha. I won't ban cosplaying loli's, but I rather not cosplay too cute outfits anymore. xD Luckily Ink also has a super nice armor outfit that I would like to make in a few years. And that armor outfit uses parts of her original outfit (which I own now) as a cape and layering. Here is her original outfit: item #738 and this is how the backside of the armor looks: picture #1091111 Gosh I love that armor so much, the more I look at it...but NO. Calne comes first! And after that I am planning to make a cosplay of my own Elin character from TERA, especially considering that I have the fabric for that one stored a while here now, but other projects came first... *cough*

Ah~ That's also a nice idea, I am curious what you come up with! For my own J-Fashion outfit I recently also made my first necklace (a choker) and it was easier to make than expected actually! Also it's small crafts. So even if you or me would mess up, not much of value is lost and it was just to learn/test. ;) As a cosplayer, working with expensive materials such as Worbla freaks me out.

It's very different though, as our 'creepers' are more hidden, while in the USA they seem to be more grabby/touchy. Also if someone gets busted he (sorry, but they are always guys) gets banned from the specific con. So it can take years before someone is banned from most of our major events. I still see our most famous foot fetisj guy regularly at small events, even though he has been banned from our 2 biggest conventions for 5(+? even) years.

Lol yeah, I can't really imagine calling the police at a con because someone felt the need to grab my butt. They are never going to find the people anyway. But even if I knew and/or cornered the guy(s?) that did that to me, I wouldn't know what to say or do haha. It was just a weird experience, I am not offended or mentally scarred. :P But I can imagine it would be infuriating if that is a normal thing every time I would visit a convention.

Great news! I just bought them and I also managed to snag item #263012 , which is a collection of CG artwork from Deino. There should be quite some artworks with nurse Calne inside. :)

What kind of restaurant is your favorite one? :) And ooh, I never heard of that cake before, so I googled it and it looks so pretty! And aww, even if the looks weren't what you expected I hope/expect the taste was still nice?