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Lilie (6 months ago) #23560888
There's one on fril: [ext link ] only 48,000 yen :D

I'm willing to give quite a bit for it but that goes no where close to 48000 yen ... geez.
That's the problem with people nowadays :'(
But I suppose I should be glad it popped up some where XD

coladary (6 months ago) #23575381[ext link ] 15k
[ext link ] 16k
Edit: It looks like both of these are cash-on-delivery, which I don't think is possible with a proxy anyway? Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
These are the least expensive ones I could find. There have been more reasonable listings within the past two years ([ext link ] for 1,888; [ext link ] for 2,600), so there's still a chance that another one may pop up in the future at a similar price. I hope you find a good deal soon!

Good thing about the comments here is that I'm getting to know more sites it seems XD
But yeah, first 2 go over what I wanted to spent on it (max was set at around 50 bucks not 150 XD)
I'm personally not that familiar with proxy services so, I'm not sure either not that it matters to much at that price.
But again, I am kind of happy to see that there are some around there (on sites I never heard from but still XD)