05 months ago (5 months ago)Cr4zyDuckCr4zyDuck
Curado (5 months ago) #24247843Are you getting her with the box and CD ?
I know that most people want the box and cd removed, since customs can be a bitch (more in loli case).
And, did you buy the soft or hard version ?
If I'll decide to order one of them, then it has to be PA DX, one of the reasons is the short length of the other ones, like you said.
At first I was thinking about
[ext link ]
But I saw a lot of people, complaining about manufacturer defects (skeleton tearing through skin).
Since the cost is twice as for PA DX, I don't know if I want to risk.

This one's also interesting
[ext link ]

I got it for free actually from my partner shop otonasekai. I requested the regular version because I prefer that cute pinkish artwork and also the fact that she comes with the CD containing hentai artwork from Maruku as well as a bottle of lube.

An other reasons is that at our blog, an other reviewer cas already reviewed the hard (tanned) one. Since I wasnt interessed in the fuwatoro I went for this one :)

I just checked the tracking. It actually arrived in Paris CDG just this morning so I should get it by tomorrow. The comment out of custom is "package not taxable" so I guess I avoided any trouble. But for that I asked them to undervalue the shipping label and to change the declared content.

Bone structured torso could be awesome but as you said the durability is way lower than for a single layered hip like the puni Ana DX.

I have tried two of the most popular: The Puni Ana SPDX and the Kaitai Shinsho from Magic Eyes.

Out of the two, the SPDX is by far my most favorite torso ever with bonus lolicious points. The kaitai instead is the worse torso/large hip I've ever tried in my life.... just horrible, after a few week I had to throw it to the trashes because if was just inusable. Bone structure completly broken and whi started getting detached from the inner layer, I let you imagine the mess.

SPDX instead is a pure pleasure to use. First duo to the massive 4Kg but also the lolicious body curves are fucking exciting for me and also both pussy and ass provides some super good sensations!

The pussy is also double layered in a cute pink which enhance the stimulation.

I had some quality issue on mine too, actually a vertebra is missing from her spine so there is a hole underneath her skin. Other than that, I have it since february and its still in pretty good shape. The Bone structure isnt getting detached like it did with the kaitai and thats a relief because if it did I could have thrown it away too...

And I dont care much about the vertebra missing as long as her front body part looks cute and lolicious ! And thats actually the case.

All in all, its really hard to descibe the feeling of having such a body sitting on your laps. But while reading some loli doujinshi, this is clearly one of the best thing I ever tried in my life ! Just for having created this, I will always be thankful to the Japanese maker xd