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yuuki_mafc (5 months ago) #24621634Hello fellow Canadian,
Just happened to stumble upon your blog, I'm relatively new here but I thought I'd chime in regarding your situation.
I'm not sure what you are budgeting but I published a blog on my own personal Figure Collecting Website at:
[ext link ]
I decided to go the Ikea route and opted for a full decked out glass display complete with lighting, glass shelves and full glass door. My setup is great for mid-sized and a little over type collections and its got expandability potential that I'm now considering.
Hope that helps!
lionhearth (5 months ago) #24618246Glass cases are expensive by definition. You either get a detolf or find one second hand. I sugest to check on craiglist or on stores going out of bussiness

Thanks for the response and the link. I'm also considering Billy but the issue I have with it is that it might not have enough depth. I might be able to use a mix of billy and detolf (for figures needing depth space), however, I don't want to limit my options on those two. If possible, I would like to use a wide case with sufficient depth for the large figures I have and also have the ability to display together related figures. Aside from figures I also have my Gunpla collection which again, can consume space base on the pose I want it displayed. For the other figures (small/medium sized), I think Billy will suffice unless I see a comparable display case not far from its price.

My budget for a wide case (should be >30'' Width) is around $400 to $500 CAD and if the case is aesthetically appealing, then can go a bit more than that. Saw some in the store links I mentioned that's around the $500 range. But if others can point me to more shops, then that would be great as I'll have more options.