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Two International ebay sales arrived France & Spain just before postal strike & 1 new freight forwarder reassign coupled with revised lower limit for Spain's VAT. The $600 French sale went EMS and was stored until end of strike period whereupon it was labeled "undeliverable" and returned to me. France postal didn't even bother informing buyer of package. I emailed buyer re return whereupon he said "didn't know", "please forward" which I did at no charge to him as I had profited well on that sale. Goodbye another $60 shipping it back; crossed the ocean 3 times.

The $500 Spain sale was USPS Priority Mail Int'l. Upon arrival at Customs it sat in storage 5 months somewhere near the inbound airport that receives customs declaration goods. Customs aka Spain opted for a new contractor to forward in- / outbound overseas freight about the time the postal strike ended. Buyer tried to contact Customs but no one knew anything. Seven weeks after tracking said "yeah, still in Barcelona somewhere" I refunded buyer his $500 and waited the requisite xyz days before filing my claim with USPS. Thirty days beyond that USPS sent me a reimbursement check for the $500 + shipping expense. No recall of item anywhere, no one knew where it was. Oh, well. Six weeks later the item reappears in my mailbox. Hadn't been tampered with, no visible signs of overt damage on the package, but labeled as undeliverable even though label was intact and cipherable. ????

Best snafu to date was a lost packet containing 2 35mm color slides of long gone CMStP&P Little Joe electric action shots taken circa 1973 that I had won on ebay. Tracking showed picked up by postal at origin but never made it to local Post Office. I got reimbursed $375, seller got reimbursed same from USPS 30 days later. Five weeks short of 2 years later a plain manila packet appears in my mailbox: no explanations, no apology. It's the 2 slides. All I say is wtf USPS? Glad to get 'em, I guess.

I have good luck when items go to Canada. USPS 1st Class Package to Ontario usually averages 2-4 weeks. Strangely, EMS takes almost as long arriving in Canada as Russian Federation (2 weeks is the norm).