04 months agoPanchitoMattePanchitoMatte
Jason_Wander (4 months ago) #25874466Oh I loved the figures.
Koneko was done quite well, and while Yukina could've been better she was still good.
No the problem is she is resin, and pulchra doesn't do crap for padding or protection inside the box. So pretty much everyone got a broken fig minus a few exceptions.
IceMan45 (4 months ago) #25859510The problem here is not the quality of the figure. The problem here is the material, which is known for being rigid and 4 out of 10 resin figures arrive broken.
(might end up buying her despite the fact that she is resin... might end up regretting but she's the only decent Kiriha figure so far...)

Is that so...? Well, then am I missing something? All I could find online about resin, as a material, was that it hardens by intense heat, and that once hardened, it cannot be reshaped by heat. Is resin a particularly brittle material? Surely a company would learn their lesson and package the items appropriately, no? If not, why even make Kiriha out of resin in the first place? Surely its not an overly cheap material, otherwise they wouldn't be charging well over ¥13,000. Also, aren't garage kits made from resin?
View spoilerHide spoilerI feel so confused! It sure seems like resin is not special in any way.